Esks. release a bunch

....including Kelly Malveaux.....Jerome Haywood, Garrick Jones...Lamarr Herron and Bradley Robinson.......Don't see much interest for us.....maaaaaybe Robinson .. good db. young but injury prone????? I think we'll pass... :wink:

What do you call a bunch of Eskimos? A "flock"....a "gaggle"....a "herd"?

....just a bunch of out -of -work 'schmoes' :wink:

sounds like a bunch of rejectimoes.

malveaux,haywood.. 2 guys ppl in bomber land were crying about when kellysent them packing last season. Guess that kelly guy wasnt too bad at the vp/gm aspect of his job.

I guess they won't get to see the new disco balls and lace curtains Maciocia installed in the new locker room. He tried to install some poles but Braidwood told him what would happen...

Lions just released three as well.

Perhaps Mack was right about bidding your time and not blowing the wad in the free agent frenzy ?