esks/reilly making a mistake I think

Reilly admits his thumb not 100% yet is still going to play.

Nichols is not the reason why the esk lost to cal. Reilly didn't have a good day against them either

Esk have the best one/two qb combo in the league. They don't need to rush Reilly back. Kind of an insult to Nichols.

I say this with Reilly being my fav QB in the league right now. He should rest that thumb some more.'d really put O'Reilly/Nichols ahead of Mitchell/Tate in the 1/2 QB race?

I sure wouldn’t, I don’t even have a clue who O’Reilly is. :cowboy:

Tell you November 30. Mitchell still has to show what he will do in a playoff game (as do Reilly and Nichols). Tate has already proven to have Dieter Brock syndrome (can’t win the big one).

Mitchell is good sure enough, but jury is out on Tate. Is he better than Nichols? At this point I do not think so.

Which ever duo is best, they are one and two in the league.

On second thought, out of sight, out of mind. Had to go back and look at Tates career stats.

So, yeah, if Tate would be able to stay healthy, I would give the nod to the Calgary duo

...errrr, Bill O'Reilly, right?...FOX newscaster who


...anyone can go in there and get the absolute crap bashed out of them in the next play, and while it very evident Tate does have a history of fragility right now he's healthy...

You realize we're talking about the Drew Tate who broke a bone in his throwing arm during the third quarter of the 2012 West semifinal but then threw for a game winning 68-yard touchdown in the final minute of the game.

Is that the Drew Tate you're talking about?

Thanks in no small part that Tate sees very limited action. Put Tate in for more than a quarter however and things would probably quickly change.

...pure speculation

Reilly admits his thumb not 100% yet is still going to play.
FYB, come on, I played high school football only and played receiver and d-back and basically played 4-5 years of high school football with at least one sprained finger most of the time. My guess is most pro football players are playing every game with an important appendage not 100 percent. The key is whether the medical staff determines it's ok to play with a less than 100 percent appendage and how much damage could be done on most routine contact and how the player and coaches feel about this and whether it's in the best interests of all involved to have the player start or someone else. I think anyways.

I can't top that, I only spent 3 years in high school. :cowboy:

So what, you shut it down after grade 9. :lol: :lol:

Just kidding, by the way. Couldn't resist. :stuck_out_tongue:

It might be Reilly who's pushing to get back in. A lot of Edmonton fans felt Nichols had beaten him out last year in camp and he showed well last weekend...

That Tate isn't made of glass? If so then I agree because he hasn't proved anything otherwise.

In Alberta high school doesn't start till grade 10. Toughest 3 years of my life but now I have the equivalent of a grade 30 education.

No offence taken. :cowboy:

...upon re-reading your post above you are absolutely right...Tate probably would eventually be injured after more than one quarter of ball...eventually all QBs get injured after that first quarter....your statement is 100% accurate...

I played a lot of sports as well, and with bad fingers and other injuries. I also learned the hard way about doing so too soon in some cases. For a QB, a damage thumb on the throwing hand will take lots of abuse during normal play of the game just from the constant contact with the football from the centre, let alone the pressure from throwing or handing off. Then there is contact from other players and the ground. The thumb is more vulnerable to become worse again if it is not totally healed. As I stated, I feel in this case, the best interest of all involved is to keep Nichols in and get Reilly to 100%

as far as high school. I went to high school for the better part of 4 yrs, and while I made it into grade 11, I never actually passed grade 9, or English 8. Go figure :slight_smile: 8)

True enough FYB about the thumb and the qb position.

Hey, I'm now an unemployed librarian with a Masters degree, I was eliminated and my position a few weeks ago. And guess what? No grade 13 English for me (yes I'm that old when high school was 5 years :smiley: ). And I've read about 15 novels, non-fiction books, at the most, in my life, cover to cover. I actually prefer to watch television over reading. :o :smiley:

Fiction books that is rather than non-fiction. What an ex-librarian, eh? :lol: