ESKS: Reed and Joseph Knocked down a few pegs

After Kavis Reed publicly demoted Crandell and the Reed to over the play calling things were rolling and he may have thought he was a genius but after a couple of games of film and teams beginning to pick up on his play calling tendencies things were not as easy. Simplifying the playbook may have worked for a few games but any pro football DC worth anything can and did pick up on things and Joseph and the ESKS offense looked terrible once again.
Reed got a little to full of himself. Demoting Crandell publically was not very professional. Reed could have still taken control of the play calling along with Crandell he did not have to deem himself Kind.
Winnipeg as bad as things were going Tim Burke made a more professional move when he did not like what OC Gary Crowton was doing and took control as Head coach and told Crowton to get much more aggressive on offense to start the game and that is what Crowton did and the Bombers haves suddenly won two of their last three and the offense overall has looked very good.

Winnipeg ran the ball 43 times tonight - - that's an "aggressive" attack? Toronto's terrible LBs and a DC who refuses to adjust his scheme is what made the Bombers look unstoppable.

I agree, Edmonton was badly outcoached. Reed seemed to be lost. Joseph was 6 of 24 and still in the game, what were they thinking. Joseph spread the field two games in a row yet today they kept him in the pocket, even when the Lions shut down the pocket. Lions completed a second down conversion with the score 22-19 when Reilly was clearly over the line of scrimage when he released the ball, yet where was the challenge?

Bottom line, Reed did not have his head in the game today.

IIRC the guys on TSN said durig the first or second game after Crandell was demoted that Reed was not calling the plays. Has that changed?

There was no challenge because you can't challenge that type of thing.

Absolutely wrong, try reading the rulebook, it is very specific under reviewable plays.

"6. Onside / Offside pass beyond the line of scrimmage"

Teams in the CFL aren't allowed to challenge if a QB has crossed the LOS before making a throw? I've seen this challenge in the NFL before, didn't realize it wasn't allowed in the CFL.

Ooops. You're right it is reviewable. I missed that one although, having looked at the rule book again, wouldn't it be "5. Illegal forward pass beyond the line of scrimmage", not 6. :wink:

Looks like some redundance in the rulebook, I think either 5 or 6 would apply. Nonetheless it is definately a reviewable play. Unfortunately, nobody in the Eskimo coaching staff caught it. I even double checked it after the game to make sure and his foot is almost a yard ahead of the LOS on the play. Reed should sit himself and his coaching staff down for some extra practice, their heads were somewhere else yesterday.

Two weeks ago Elliot came out throwin and had a good balance of run and pass and they scored 1st qtr points. Im sure the same would have applied but if your running game can dominate like that you stick with it until you are stopped and it was unstoppable.
Even last week they were a little over aggressive as they got into the red zone Elliot went for the big play instead of playing conservative and settling for FGs. It did not work out as he threw numerous picks in the red zone coming up with no points.


No it hasn't changed; Crandell still calls the plays, although Reed communicates in some form. See topic in the link and scroll down to post eleven.