ESKS receiving Corp among the tops in the CFL says Chambers

On Eskimos this week radio show Shamawd Chambers stated that the Esks have the best receiving corp in the CFL.
On paper he could be rights.
Imports: Stamps, Bowman, and Marcus Henry ( with Koch gone to Hamilton Henry will get to be the starting receiver.
Canadians: Coehorn, Chambers, and now Akeem Foster. Both Coehorn and Chambers have gotten better each season. Foster fell out of favor with the BC Lions. before that Foster had was a huge part of the Lions receivers during their Grey Cup Year in 2011 and also in 2012. Huge Upgrade over last season’s 3rd Canadian receiver Matt Carter.
Bowman 6’3" Shamawd Chambers 6’3, Marcus Henry 6’5, Foster 6’4"

The new regime is beginning to sigh some of its new imports a few coming out of mini camp signing in late April.

I like the look of the corps, but it all means little 'on paper' if the QB does not synchronise well with them and/or get good protection.

We have our work cut out for us on offence, but at least also this year's offensive line has some serious goons and looks better than last year's already.

Love Esks. Last year there receiving core was very week. So this year much improved!!! No same group of receivers.
However its a bonus Cory is gone..Need desperately a big tight end who we catch any thing and punish defense

The trade did bring them in Tony Washington among the top young LTs in the CFL so the will be strong there. O'donnell was the teams best lineman last season and played both LG and RT very well so it does give them some flexibilty to start 4 or 3 Canadian Olineman depending on how it plays out.
They already had 3 Canadian receivers who have only been in the CFL for 4 or less seasons and all have had season of over 500 yards and have drafted another big potential receiver to do the same.
Having qualified starting canadian receivers allows them to dress three imports and 3 canadians with your main back upp being that third canadian no need to dress a DI at recceiver.

What can you guys tell me about Charlton Mitchell? Didn't seem to play much last year making only 6 catches, but he sure does have the size as he's listed at 6'4" 212lbs.

Just curious as to what people thought of him?

He was a former late round NFL draft pick of the Browns 2010. your prototype bubble type guy. Two seasons with Browns limeited time on offense and then the bouncing began before landing mid season in EDM after being among the Bucs last picks2012. hAD A futures contract in 2013 but never made it to an NFL camp
Signed during the espnded PR roster period last year.
Big and fast played for South Florida. Has the tools to be a starter no doubt only 26 or 27.
Could become one of those who is that players for Ottawa. Advantage is that he was in the CFL last year giving him a jump on new imports REC in his situation.

I remember Mitchell was scouted well as a dark horse of sorts in 2010 too including by me from my armchair. He had a great Pro Day if I recall correctly.

The two undrafted free agent gems of that year, whom I also scouted, were Victor Cruz and Sam Shields. This is also one of many cases in which the scouts went far more for prototype than they did for potential, which in my opinion with the lower round picks is a mistake.

If you are into prototypes, you take such guys no later than the 4th round or you don't. Prototype with potential okay, but if prototype and you have to second-guess the guy into the later rounds, c'mon!

It's so telling that undersized guys like Cruz and Shields are passed over even by those with the most inside information and the very best otherwise!

WOW released Marcus Henry he played great last year I thought.
Knowing Jones he has his rolodex of his own players. could be looking at maybe 7 Canadian starter on offense 4 Oline and 3 REC and none or one on defense.
In 2012 in Toronto the Argos tried to go all Canadian on the Oline and two rec on offense for the whole season before they aquired Tony Washington who Jones just traded for to play LT forcing the Argos to add a ratio spot on defense.

The als' receiver corp could be very scary this yr.

It still very early but so far so good for Chad Johnson. In great shape and mind on football.having almost two seasons from the football field but spending his time on the soccer field could be the right combo to have him have a very successful CFL season.
Under the radar is Dave Stalla. having Deslaures as your bst Canadian receiver killed the Als as he was zero threat. When the Als are 5 wide and Stalla is in he will need tobe accounted for.
Lavoi was magicalas a FB really a TE his rookie season if they can find a productive FB who can both block and catch that will be scary, Bedard still listed at FB and played TE at UCONN.
Also have a 6'4" 245 ROOKIE from the Dino's as only one of two FB/TE on the roster.
Green and a Healthy Richardson added to Carter and Johnson

De la façon dont les choses se dessinent, les Alouettes auront aussi beaucoup de talent dans leur brigade de receveurs.

Green et London sont en très belle forme et devraient constituer un tandem à surveiller.

Carter est ennuyé par une légère blessure à l'épaule, mais il devrait avoir retrouvé sa forme à temps. C'est un gars qu'on devrait voir plus souvent cette saison.

J'ai aimé ce que j'ai vu de Stafford mais il se bat toujours pour un poste.

Pour ma part, Johnson n'a pas encore gagné son poste, mais il demeure compétitif.

La venue de Stala vient combler un vide que les Alouettes traînent depuis le départ de Ben Cahoon. Ce dernier jouait à mon sens un rôle important dans les conversions de 2ième et long, en offrant à Calvillo une cible aux mains fiables pour les gains de 7-17 verges. Ce rôle a été par la suite assumé par Richardson, mais ce dernier a par la suite été pratiquement toujours mis en double couverture, de sorte que les Alouettes ont perdu de leur efficacité à ce chapitre. Stala est encore très bon dans ces situations et il pourrait venir causer des maux de tête derrière les secondeurs.

Le cas de Richardson est plus douteux. Il a subi une blessure importante qui a nécessité 2 opérations. En supposant que les Alouettes puissent bénéficier des services de Green, London, Carter, Johnson/Stafford et Stala/Deslauriers, ils pourraient être tentés de ne pas précipiter le retour au jeu de Richardson. Mais si ce dernier revient en forme, la combinaison Green, London, Carter, Richardson, Johnson/Stafford a de quoi donner des cheveux blancs aux coordonnateurs défensifs.

Pour ce qui est des prospects en développement, les Alouettes ont un joueur hors-norme en Preston Cleckley. C'est un petit marchand de vitesse de 5, 8", 170 lbs, un peu sur le même gabarit que Brandan Green (5' 10", 180 lbs). On dit que Tyrone Carrier est en bien meilleure forme que l'an dernier, mais comme il n'a pas de bonnes mains, il a toute une côte à remonter pour rester au sein de l'équipe.

Ça pourrait être une année charnière pour Ismael Bamba. Cette saison devrait être celle où il réussit à se tailler une place ou être à sa dernière tentative. On a peu d'échos de son jeu dans les rapports du camp d'entraînement.

Pour le rôle d'ailier rapproché, Martin Bédard pourrait voir plus de jeu à ce titre maintenant que l'équipe a aussi Jarod Zaleski pour faire les longues remises. Mais il y a aussi Kyle Graves qui pourrait assumer ce rôle de temps en temps. Ce quart converti en receveur évolue bien à sa nouvelle position et pourrait réussir à rester au sein de l'équipe. Il semble pousser sur Deslauriers présentement.

En conclusion, les Alouettes ont beaucoup de talent chez les receveurs et demis insérés, mais on a vu l'an dernier que cela ne suffit pas. Il faut que les schéma offensifs soient efficaces, la protection adéquate et que la variété des jeux compliquent la tâche aux adversaires. C'est loin d'être gagné cette saison pour les Alouettes, avec un nouveau quart-arrière et un coordonnateur à l'attaque qui en est à sa deuxième année comme entraîneur.

That is some good points on how the offense with a TE as well as 5 wide may shake out.Bedard, Zalewski both TE and Long Snappers and two rookie TE with the similar size and expereinces to Lavoi being with top CIS programs Montreal and Calgary i Believe.
Richardson coming back to play the slot will be huge even if not still would look for Double coverage on Greene and have to also play the other 3 import rec straight up and plan for them
X factor Stalla is the sure handed posesion receiver that will be uncounted for at first but will come back to haunt teams. To easy to cover the receivers when Deslaures was ion that 5th receiver spot as he was zero threat

Effectivement. Deslauriers est plus rapide que Stala, mais ce dernier a de loin les meilleures mains des deux.

Have to upgrade receivers. Bowman looks terrible. Why is he struggling and dropping everything.