Esks re-sign Montford!!!!

Or at least they better…
He sounds like he wants to stay in Edmonton.
Who wouldn’t!! Two Grey Cups in three years!!!

Go Esks!!!

Montford we need you!!!

theres a bunch of guys entering their option year/contract ending man... it was all in the paper today and there was at least 10-15 guys on the list... a couple of them are going to retire too... i talked to fleming today and he's still unsure... tuckers going to look at his options in the nfl but im pretty sure he'll sign in edmonton. sanchez well, hes been injured for a while and i love the way cravers handled the job. there was an article in yesterdays paper about troys agent talking to the EE and both sides said it was looking pretty good... (from what i remember) because we need that guy. marsh is going to look around in the nfl to try and get closer to his family... tompkins is now entering his otion year. a couple other names that come to mind who i think are going to be free agents are loftus, annunziata, frank.... we'll see what happens.

That Montford is the CFL version of Warren Sapp. All talk no game.

-EEsks, Malcolm Frank will probably retire. A 36 years old guy who just won the championship tend to do so. Too bad. He is a great cornerback and a nice human being.