esks quarterback situation

What happens if DM starts Ray again, as we all know hes going to, and loses it for us again? I predict Ray will go into the game, throw 2 or 3 ints, no tds and we'll be losing big time by half. DM might then consider putting Jason Maas in. What if JM leads us to a victory? What do you predict will happen to our quarterbacks during the off-season?

trade ray and danny ....the so called coach.

I agree, hes just an average QB now. Nothing like 2002-2003 ray, his former self. And DM is an idiot for not letting Maas play all year until the last 2 minutes of the final regualr season game. Stupidest coaching decision ever! FIRE DM AND TRADE RAY FOR A BETTER O-LINE!

Maybe the NFL went to Ray's head and thinks he can just coast by on his reputation. Just a thought.

It's Lancaster Junior.....He's come to haunt you.....Look at the record in Winnipeg and Hamilton....

Seriously....If both are still compatable as they were at the beginning of the year, then keep both. You need a 1-2 punch. Your coaches just arn't utilizing both properly.

Gotta agree with Sportsmen. Lancaster Jr. Look what he did in Hamilton, came to Winnipeg that had one of the better offenses in the CFL and one of the better QB's Look where wpg is now

some of us warned you prior to the season that this would happen is rl jr was allowed to have any influence on the team. even as waterboy the guy could do damage. having said that the immense talent in edm has made it possible to do well even with jr around. if you had a real oc you couldbe unstoppable

keeep maas
trade ray for a beter o-line, like u all said.
when DM was interviewed and was asked about Maas he like jumped in to defend ricky ray i nearly broke my radio that day.

Trade Maas for Danny Mac.

I hate how DM always defends Ray. I think hes finally starting to realize how much he F***ed up over the season by not letting Maas play. Look at how good he was!

You should have include this one
Eskimos sign Casey Printers in the off season
Maas is traded to Hamilton
Ray goes to Toronto for Ebein and Avery

Guess Esks have the money to sign Printers.

even eskimos fans have stupid fans , yah esks123, average qbs throw for 5,000 yards and complete a record amount of pases esks123,and eskimoswinitall


no you are a moron.

Stats don’t mean a thing, the way Ray’s played the last five games he has looked like an average qb in my opinion. He hasn’t thrown a touchdown pass the last 5 games. He’s been shut down by the Calgary defence for 2 and a half games straight. He may have passed for over 5,000 yards and thrown lots of comlpetions, but he has the most interceptions in the league. His qb efficiency rating is 87 at the end of the season (nothing significant- an average qb efficiency rating). Therfore, i think he has been average or slightly above avg. for especially the second half of the season. Everyone views this in their own opinion, and it seems to me that you RUNnealonRUN have no respect for others or their opinons, by calling me a moron or an “idiot eskimos fan”. It’s my opinion on Ray, and five others who voted on this poll also would rather keep maas than ray, you might disagree RUNnealonRUN, but you don’t have to go namecalling, all it shows is your lack of maturity and intelligence.

I have to side with Esk123 on this one. The only stat that counts is the wins my friend good post esks123

Gotta agree with esk123. K Jones broke a million records in Winnipeg but never got the big one. Jones was great for a few years and then just died. Ray ain't the same since his return. Ray is doing the same thing, great stats but stats are for losers. Trade him to Montreal. Cav prob. going to retire after this year. Given the chance Maas will do just as well as Ray ever has.

my grandma could get 579 completetion if she threw a hitch pass every play or those stupid shovel passes, they all cout as completetions RUNnealonRUN
so uhhh ya take that and add that ray had no running game and was forced to throw 90% of the plays for like...10 12 games or so. i dunno but we neeed to keep maas

That is really thereality of the situation. The Esks are playing the Riders play book when Nealon plays. Could it be both the Riders OC and the Esks OC trade info! I feel it is too late for Maas this year you have to go with the QB that is accustomed to the receivers and hope for the best. No doubt I like Maas way better then Chip boy.

DM said in the media yesterday that he is starting Ray. When asked if he would put Maas in if Ray was not performing he replied “i don’t want to think negative”. When prodded further for a reasonable answer he said, “If it comes down to it, ill put in the qb that gives me the best chance of winning”. If Ray doesn’t get it done in the first half, watch for a switch at halftime! Seems like DM is changing his beliefs on starting qbs that hes held so stubbornly all year. Wrong time to be changing Danny!