Esks QB James Franklin on the trading block

If true, Hervey could be making a big mistake as Franklin is one of the better up and comers in this league...

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For those asking, James Franklin practiced all week. He's gone from the projected #2 QB to not even dressing. Strange. #Eskimos #CFL


well there has been no report of injury and he apparently practiced all week without a hitch so...

perhaps there is some animosity brewing with Maas or his coaching methods and was forced to sit this game out?
not sure.

Very strange. I'm curious to know what could have come up if he took all the practice reps this week. Like, did he get into an altercation with a coach or player?

Not surprising that Dunk is reporting the Riders are talking deal with the Esks. Would be a huge upgrade at backup QB to nab Franklin to back up Durant than what BJ Coleman showed thus far. Josiah St John and a first as rumored is a steep asking price. TBH the Riders need to make the deal more than the Esks. Even if Franklin has fallen out of favour with Maas who has one of his guys in Demarco (seriously, Demarco over Franklin?!?!?!), they can wait on a move.

the Esks want a No.1 overall pick + Josiah St. John + 1st round pick from the Riders for Franklin....

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#Riders and #Esks discussing @JFrankTank1 trade

[url=] ... lin-trade/[/url] … #CFL via @JDunk12

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#CFL sources say #Esks asked for 2016 No. 1 overall pick, OL Josiah St. John & 1st rd. selection, but #Riders said no. - @JDunk12

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That does not mean that the deal (@JFrankTank1 to #Riders) is completely dead. - @JDunk12 #CFL #Esks

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Franklin's contract up after this year in which case he'd be a free agent mid-February of 2017. No compensation at such point. #CFL #Esks[/b]

I personally think DeMarco has good upside.

Can't see Riders doing 2 first round picks though.

A trade to Sask makes sense though.

Jones knows Franklin. Maas knows DiMarco.

the one thing I didn't really like about Franklin last year was he was such a planted flatfooted thrower.

Rod Pedersen says the Riders refute the reports but I believe Dunk's sources over Pedersen's any day of the week.

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RT .@rodpedersen #Riders tell me there is "zero" truth to the report they're talking trade with Edmonton for Josiah St John. #CFL #Esks

They should accept Edmonton's offer. When Durant gets hurt, that price will only go up.

The dunk report makes no sense as written because no team can offer "the no. 1 overall pick"'except the team that owns it, and that won't be determined until this season is over.

To me it sounds like this years 1st overall (Josiah St. John) and the Riders 1st round pick next year.

I wouldn't rush into it it yet, let's wait till Riders are basement dwellers or Durant gets hurt then up the price or Trade Franklin to another team right under their noses.

It could go the other way too. If Durant plays well and Franklin isn't in the Esks plans, the value could just as easily go down.

Thomas Demarco was in BC a while ago. He is terrible, should not even be in the CFL. :thdn:

Wishful thinking from an Eskimos fan. We might just make the playoffs.

Or the Riders could which case he doesn't have a lot of here and now value to the club either....definitely not 2 first rounders when a guy like Kinne is sitting around and could probably to ok...and is rumored to be on the radar as well. Seeing as the club is looking at it as a rebuilding year I don't see them as willing to chuck a pile of their future at him. the only way he has large value via trade later is if the team is competitive after a few weeks.

JSJ + perhaps a little more makes sense because that is not going well....both sides would need to look at it as a conditional trade IMO....Franklin would need to extend and JSJ would need to sign

Maas....for whatever high on Demarco. I don't entirely see it, but Maas is a smart guy and perhaps they are simply on the same page...not sure.

Hervey would be nuts to trade Franklin. Reilly hasn’t exactly been injury free throughout his CFL career. Unless there’s someone on Esks’ roster I’m missing, they’re one hit away from inserting Thomas DeMarco - who may actually be a better punter than quarterback. :roll:

Personally I agree. Reilly is a physical QB, and that comes with obvious risk.

That said, Franklin presently sits on the 1 game IRL stashed away. Reilly is obviously #1, and Maas likes Demarco. Demarco's historical performances makes me wonder what the fascination is...perhaps he is in the right environment with the right coaches....who knows at this point....I don't see it. Lynch looked better in limited action in the preseason IMO.

To me I think it comes down to contract length....Franklin is a legit contender for a backup spot and to fight for a #1 spot...and he is going to want his shot...totally understandable. There has been enough attention on him that teams would be interested. He has 1 year left on his deal and IMO there is either an issue with meeting of the minds (and from what I have heard he is very popular and spoken highly of, so I doubt that) or more probably...they are likely trying to move him because they know they can't extend makes sense, though it is definitely not what I would do....for me I would keep him around, give him playing time when it makes sense, and trade if some screaming deal comes along...if nothing does then attempt to trade rights at the end of the year before he is a FA to open a negation BC did with Reilly to the Esks.

DeMarco is a good fit for the Esks because he's no threat to become the starter. Reilly will likely play another 5 years or more, so do the Esks need some hotshot backup QB who's chomping at the bit to play? Franklin will probably leave the Esks in free agency next Feb, so the Esks might as well get something for him.

The only risk is if Reilly gets injured, the Esks season is basically over if they have to play DeMarco or Lynch. Franklin might be a more viable replacement QB but he's likely gone next year anyways. Much like how Reilly left the Lions to sign in Edmonton even though the Lions liked and probably needed him.

Franklin will be a free agent after the season. Obviously Hervey knows what it would cost to extend Franklin assuming he's even interested. They also like Lynch so getting value out of Franklin makes sense. But in order to trade him to a division rival you have to get quite a bit or your better off keeping him and hope an eastern team signs him in the off season. Toronto would seem like a possible destination.