Esks Post Profit '06

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Whats your thoughts on this issue?

The Edmonton Eskimo Football Club announced today at their Annual General Meeting an Operating Income from football operations of $153,534.

Operating Revenues were $13.116 million, an increase of $495,000 from 2005. Operating expenses were $12.962 million, an increase of $359,000 from the year previous.

Net Income for the year ending December 31, 2006 was $610,168. Investment Income in the Club's Stabilization Fund for the year was $823,106 resulting in a Stabilization Fund of $8,722,143.
Eskimo President and CEO Rick LeLacheur stated, "2006 was a difficult year on-field for the Eskimos, but I'm pleased with our performance on the business side. It speaks to the outstanding support of our fans and corporate partners".
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I'm not surprised. They had good crowds.

I'm suprised they have such high expenses over 2.5M more in expenses then the bombers(2005 numbers)

If they could get their expenses down to 12M they could make alot more and they can cut from area's not related to fan entertainment(like training camp)

if we make a profit, then why cut expenses? gratz on a well managed company

Exactly just maybe there are a few clubs that should look at how the Eskies do manage their club.

isn't that how businesses are run?

you try to have the largest profit possible? I don't want them to be like some of the big companies who cut a large portion of their work force to get from 150M profit to 160M.

But the thing is the eskimos seem to be needlessly spending on Training camp, Recruiting, Away games. around 400-500K total between the three.
Not to mention 850K spent above the cap this year and bonuses this year. However all teams did do that Edmonton just gave alot in bonuses(like 400K or something) It's a loophole they took advantage of it and good on em.

1.73M on coaches + Training Staff?(16 personnel)
over 100K for a Special teams coach? If that is how spending breaks down.
Doesn't say anywhere if their 4.45M spent in 2006 was including Development roster and injuries.

Barnes, the Eskimos already have saved almost $9,000,000 in their "Stabilization Fund". They contribute more money to the league, and to charities in their community than any other team. You can only save up so much money every year, and the Eskimos are cleary comfortable enough with their $9,000,000 in the bank, that they don't feel the need to reduce their expenditures. Although I'm sure the Eskimos highly value your advice on how a good business should be run, I wouldn't worry about them if I were you. They are doing just fine.

Perhaps your awesome advice on how to properly run a business would be better directed towards a CFL team that does NOT have $9,000,000 saved up in the bank for a rainy day. It shouldn't be hard to find one.

Continuing to set the standard for all Canadian Football League franchises. Light years ahead of some other franchises. They could have waaay more profit but instead choose to reinvest in football operations. Should put out a manual how to run a successful football organization.