Esks playing better since Tillman arrived

I'm sure PRJack will have some strong words for this article. :lol: I think Tillman's biggest contribution so far has just been his presence. Like the article says, he came in and decided to give players a clean slate and a chance to prove themselves. Guys knew they'd be held accountable from here on out. After we fired DM, the team continued to play terrible football, and there really wasn't anyone there to hold the players accountable. We had a few of the scouts acting as a GM team, but that's nothing compared to having a permanent person in place to evaluate you game in and game out. I think his presence changed the atmosphere.

Anyway, it's an interesting article. Feel free to give it a read. :wink:

Sigh... the myopia of some of the TSN writers is mind boggling. Odd they're not allowing comments to be made like they do for other articles.

Check out this article from a couple of days ago...

... interesting comments from one "Capn Jack". 8)

They don't always allow comments... some with CTV, and I'm sure other sites. As for the firing of DM, I seriously doubt that had anything to do with the team turning around. The team went 1-4 while he was here, and then went 1-4 after he was fired. DM definitely needed to go, but that didn't start the turn-around.

IMO, the turnaround was due to:

  1. dumping McGarth and Armstrong on the o-line, firing the o-line coach, and getting Prinsen in to coach the o-line
  2. Bringing in Nelson as LB coach
  3. the return of Peach, Richardson, and Restelli on defence
  4. the team finally winning 2 games in a row and starting to gain confidence
  5. Daniel Porter brought in by Paul Jones

The straight up removal DM didn't do much for this team, nor did Tillman's additions IMO, who apart from Armstead and Armstrong are a just a bunch of practice roster players for the future.