Esks place Romero on 9-game IR, sign Haywood

As per TSN.

Just call 'em the Edmonton Alouettes. :lol:

Well, Danny M. started off with the Alouettes, didn't he? I guess he's just trying to make the place feel like home by signing all these Montreal castoffs. :lol:

where's all this money they have to pay these guys?

I asked myslef that earlier

Bit of a long post...

Consider that the Esks now have:

7 players legitimately injured on the 9 game IR(brackets indicate how long that players salary will not count towards the cap)

  • Adam Braidwood(all season)
  • Dario Romero (remaining 6 games)
  • Jesse Lumsden(17 games)
  • Willie Amos(all season)
  • Lamar Herron( about 15-16 games)
  • Garrick Jones(injured in TC- all season)
  • Greg Wojt(about 14 games)
    Possibly Lenny Williams as well as he may have an MCL injury and may be out for the season.

Can you name more than 2-3 players making significantly more than league minimum on the Esks' D? Probably only Goss, Romero(who's remaining salary won't count towards the cap the rest of the season), and Mo Lloyd.

Consider that rookie Canadian safety Elliot Richardson has started all season for us and probably makes league min. Rookie Restelli has started at WIL LB all season and is probably making league min. Rookie Bobby Keyes has started as a defensive back for almost the entire season and is once again probably making league min. Bradley Robinson = still on entry level contract(probs. close to league min.). Greg Peach = 22 years old straight out of college probably making league min.

Jamaica Rector and Arkee Whitlock(originally our 3rd string running back), who have both started and seen lots of playing time are rookies making close to league min.

Adam Braidwood, Dario Romero, Willie Amos, and Lamarr Heron all done for the year.... and with Malveaux, starting DT Eric Taylor, LB Rod Davis, Lenny Williams, Mark Restelli, all injured in the last two games, the Esks were forced into signing Randee Drew, Reggie Hunt, and Jerome Haywood. All 3 probably came at significantly reduced salaries, despite the fact that they are vets, as according to Hunt they werent getting any phone calls whatsoever. When you consider how many cheap rookies the Esks have started on D this year, and how many players have been 9 gamed, it makes sense that the Esks may have some room for Parkers contract.

so what happens when these guys come off the 9 game?

who are they going to release?

Informed post, Esks.

A thought...could the EE have such forsight, that they knew the quality of young talent in TC, therefore making some head scratching decisions in TC by keeping that talent while keeping in mind that some of this veteran talent would be available during this time of the season. Thus, opening the door, with cap space, to sign these guys just in time for a late season push?

Clear as mud? Thought so... 8)

I would think that Kelly Malveaux, Kai Ellis and Byron Parker are all making significantly more than league minimum although Parker's full salary won't go to the cap this year.

Those players aren't coming off the 9 game.... There aren't 9 games left in the season.

Byron Parker probably has a hefty salary. Malveaux is up above league min. too obviously, but my point was it's not Lloyd type cash. Ellis was bargain bin and probably a low salary for a vet considering both Winnipeg and Mon. traded and released him last year.

Other than Ray, Peterson and McGrath, the Eskies don't have much for high-priced talent on offense either.

That’s what I mean. Apart from a few high paid players on each side of the ball, the Esks are mainly filled with guys still on their first contract, or old-passed around vets that probably come cheap.