Esks pickup Khari Jones

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 - 04:00PM


The Edmonton Eskimos announced today they have agreed to terms with free agent veteran quarterback Khari Jones. Jones attended the Eskimos’ training camp last season and was released before the regular season. He then signed with Hamilton on July 26, 2005 and dressed as a backup for eight games, throwing for 406 yards and two touchdowns.

“Khari performed well during training camp and the pre-season last year and he understands our system," said Edmonton head coach Danny Maciocia. "Khari still has the competitive fire and we expect he’ll push hard for a roster spot.�

The California–Davis product started his CFL career with B.C. (1997-1999), but blossomed into one of the league’s premier signal-callers following a trade to Winnipeg in February 2000. During five seasons with the Blue Bombers (2000-2004), Jones set 18 club records and was named a 2001 CFL All-Star and twice earned divisional and CFLPA All-Star honours. He was also the CFL’s Most Outstanding Player in 2001. Khari was traded to Calgary on September 24, 2004 and appeared in four games for the Stampeders. Over his career, Jones has amassed more than 21,000 passing yards and has thrown 146 career touchdowns.

Good addition (Although the WInnipeg fans will never agree). That adds depth at your QB position.

I said it on another post, but if Khari Jones accepts is role as a back-up QB, then he will be a very good addition to the Esks.

I'm pretty sure he'll accept a backup role... he was without a job a good second half of last season. And last year he came into training camp with the esks competing against Ricky Ray, Jason Maas, and Jason Johnson. I didn't see any training camps or esks pre-season games last year, but from what I've heard from my fellow eskimo fans, Johnson looked far more impressive than Jones. If Ray goes down, I'd see us giving Johnson a chance, and if he can't get it done, then we'll resort to Jones.

That is great for Khari a class individual and really he has been getting tossed around like a salad. I think given a chance with the eskies he will do okay! contraire Sporty, I know one bomber fan in Atlanta that will be absolutely giddy at this news.......

I know Red....But,......He'll be crying because he wanted WINNIPEG to sign him.

I hope we see lot's and lot's of Khari this year.....if you know what I mean!

I'm not convinced you'll see Khari at all with the Esks. They are very high on Jyles and Jason Johnson. Johnson has been a project for three years now and is ready to step into the back up role.

They are calling Stephen Jyles a highly touted rookie that they have watched for the last three years, a player in the mould of Warren Moon (or Casey Printers for the posters under the age of 20).

I think Jones is here only as insurance against injury or if Jyles turns out to be a complete bust. Then he will carry the clipboard on game day and that will be all. I am firmly convinced that the job is Johnson's to lose.

Don't know how Khari feels about the practice roster, but maybe there is room for him to stick around and be a tutor to Stephen Jyles. Here's a question. Does the coaching staff count against the cap? I wouldn't think so, but am actually not 100% sure.

I agree with supertoe
The released him last year and now they want him. Its just insurance

You can go to and ask Ted Hellard he was one of the guys instrumental in creating the cap! He is regularly on the site to answer questions.

good to see jones back in the league, he really is a good team guy........

I do not see him making the Esks. At best third stringer holding the clipboard material. Why would he subject himself to same especially with his history?

...Khari is insurance for the Esks.......he has more CFL experience than all of their back-ups combined...whether he sees the field of play or not is another question....I think Jones may eventually become the go to guy...just as Maas was last year...when Ray started to go in the tank....Good luck're a class act no matter where you play... :!:

about bloddy time he found a place in the CFL, let's see what he does in the pre season, I think he will be EE's new back up to Ray. If he is cut again, that's the end of his career in the CFL, no more secord chances.

He is probably taking the same role as McManus is with the Stamps, a tutor, and insurance policy.

What's he going to tutor the young guy's over there? How to practice your golf game with a injured shoulder. Class acts don't sign million dollar deals and then play golf while sidelined with a injury IMO.

Danny McManus is with the Stamps now???

long time ago!

...I think the golf was Kharis'' therapy...or else he was looking for another career....but c'mon take it easy on the guy....he proved he was a winner in the Peg....just hasn't got a ring....I still think he's a class act... :wink:

so the Qbs are...

Mon: AC, Quinn (guy from the falcons)
TO: Aleen, Wynn
Ham: Maas, Brady
WPG: Glenn, Michna, Quinn, Banks
SSK: Joseph, Candell, Green
Cal: Burris, Mcmanus
Edm: Ray, KJ
BC: DD, Buck

anybody I'm missing?