Esks or Montreal

This is the game of the week IMO.
I take the Esks by 10.
I can't do every game every week I'll post the Riders poll but if we want to keep track of our collective forum predictions I will keep the stats. Just post the game poll in the CFL section so all can view it. KK would be good at this pick a team KK and try and send out a Poll on their game of the week.

Try the Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, here in this forum.

So far, 43 have picked Montreal, compared with 17 for Edmonton.

I’m gonna take the Esks by two touchdowns, Ricky Ray always plays well against the als and i think the Esks D is going to be super hard to score on.
I expect Ray to have over 400 yards passing again and Tucker to have a big game, The Esks sack attack won’t slow down! At the rate their going the food bank is going to be very happy!

cool no sense in reinventing the wheel GJ Dave. I’ll go post their :wink:
I think the admin should let you post this as a sticky each week so we don’t miss it like I did.

edmonton will win, cmon montreal lost to OTTAWA! geeze wizz man.

I don't think Edmonton is as hard a defence to score on as you think. I think the Als will win thins, but it should be a very good game.

Als win because I'am traveling north of the border from New England i will bring some championship luck with me. Not use to losing lately, Als prevail by two scores. :lol:

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I am voting for MONTREAL…sorry…so the ESKS might win…

What can I say, the Esks have Ray and he looks unstopable thus far. Hopefully teams will have him figured out a little better when the Riders play them.

Edmonton is way stronger team than Montreal.

Montreal is going down this year.

Ray's going to have a great game - again - but I think the Als are gonna be super ticked from their complete collapse last week. Close game, but I'm picking Montreal.

Great Idea, Third And Ten, could do something about it ??

Als Fan

You’re fast on the trigger, Edmonton has played against the Bombers and Ottawa so far…Yes Ottawa got the win fair & square againts us, but i like to think that is one of the upset so far.

The way our line with Kari-Kari, Crutchfield and Cie played last week, they will certenly want to respond.

Hummm…you’re really fast on the trigger.

BTW, i’m not arguing that EE is a real improved and dangerous team.
As usual, No Offence.

Als Fan

I picked Montreal in BigDaves virtual thing to win and I know injuries are a part of football, but I would feel better about this game if Montreal was not missing there allstar O-Linemen in Paul Lambert, there Allstar MLB in Kevin Johnson and receiver Sylvain Girard, although Kwami Cavil returns and why are they only dressing Eric Lapointe at running back and not dressing Edwards, Lewis or Jenkins! I pick Montreal to win but we are not at 100% for this game and this will be a close one.

Concordes all the way! I love that joke! :wink: :lol:

They’re only dressing Lapointe because of ratio issues. Cavil is an American replacing Girard, a Canadian, so the ratio has to change. That’s why Edwards, Lewis, Jenkins and Brown will not be dressed.

[quote="Billy_Soup"]I don't think Edmonton is as hard a defence to score on as you think. I think the Als will win thins, but it should be a very good game.[/quote

The Eskimos D held the Rens to 16 points, the Als allowed them 39. :wink:
The Esks By a lot. :smiley:

can you em please tell me what tell me what team does Trevis Smith play for

What team does Trevis Smith play for

Linebacker for the Riders.