Esks obtain Kwame Cavil from the Als for Defensive end


with ed gone i think kwame cavil will be a great additon to the esks lineup :smiley:


BC WILL much as i want edmonton to win....look at the opposition each has played.

bc beat ( grey cup champs ) toronto TWICE
beat a very good ottawa team...i wont even mention the door-mats from hamilton.
a surging calgary team

now edmonton on the other hand....
a good ottawa
a terrible winnipeg
lost to montreal
terrible winnipeg, again ( but barely )
good ottawa
then barely beat door-mat hamilton.....

i suspect edmonton would lose to montreal, again...lose to toronto, will lose to BC

I can see them losing some of those games when they’re not at home but there’s no way Edm is losing to Montreal at home… BC will have a very tough time winning in Edmonton also. I don’t know, the Montreal game was extremely close (both teams had ups and downs) and I can’t comment too much about the Argos because i haven’t seen them play enough. Tomorrow will be an incredible game and I hope Edmonton gets the win. Shutting down Dickenson will be the answer for the Eskies and shutting down Ray will be BC’s. Whatever happens we’re in for a great football game. McClendon came off his best game of the year against Hamilton but I think Elvis is back in the lineup… Don’t know. Good luck to both teams and hopefully no one gets hurt.