Esks, must have lot's of Cap room.. resigned Malbrough.

wow, all these guys and still lots of Cap room?

talk about no confidence in their defence.

Hunt and Haywood haven't played since training camp and Malbrough hasn't played since last season - makes you wonder what type of shape they'll be in. Certainly won't be game shape.

You'd have confidence in the 8th ranked pass defence in the league, that has allowed the most points? Considering that, and the fact that 6-9 of our projected defensive starters form TC are out of the lineup with injuries(with many of them on the 9 game. aka. done for the season). 9 gamed salaries dont' count towards the cap... which on defence would be: Romero, Herron, Braidwood, Amos, and now Lenny Williams with an MCL injury. Malveaux, Taylor, Restelli, and now Bradley Robinson(shoulder injury last game) will likely be on the one game IR and won't suit up this week due to injuries last game. Gordon may or may not play in his second game of the season this Friday at safety. 6 defensive starters injured in the last 2 games means that you will likely have to bring in more players.

Of the players that have been brought in the past few days, maybe some will only be used as a short stop-gap for a few weeks until players on the 1 game are healthy(at which point the replacements will be released). Or maybe the 1 game IR players will be 9 gamed if their injuries are more serious. We are at the point of the season where if someone has an injury that will probably keep them out of the lineup for an estimated 4-6 weeks, it's probably best to just 9 game them so their salary doesn't count against the cap, and so you don't take risks in assuming how long they'll take to be healthy. I'd assume that Drew, Hunt, Malbrough, and Haywood were signed to fairly low contracts considering it is near the end of the season and they still weren't picked up. They could take up to a month to be in game shape and understanding the defensive system though, and may or may not have enough time to "gel" as a unit before this season's end.

Another excellent post, esks123, but I'm sure cflisthebest will continue to insinuate that the Eskimos are cooking the books in order to be able to sign all these players. But he should worry about his own team since the Riders are the ones who keep breaking the cap.

I know cflisbest is just a sad, sad person who has nothing better to do except to bash the city of Edmonton and the Eskimos continually on a message board. I'm just trying to be informative, so people on these boards who don't know his personality won't get fooled into believing the things he does.

Chief, you know a good accountant? Ours always keeps coming back with these salary numbers that are too big....

Make that 7 starters injured in the last 2 games. I forgot Rod Davis.

...I wonder if they'll want Kitwana Jones back :lol: .....let the revolving door begin.....I think the esks.might be in trouble on d... :wink: Simpson is languishing away on the Bombers ir....Maybe he'll find a new home in eskiville....AFTER FRIDAY.. :wink:
...Malbrough was hurting a lot when he was on the Bomber roster...never seemed to put 2 games together......hence his release..The time off could have fixed him....but he'll be rusty :roll:

In fairness to cflisthebest, I have not seen him bash the city of Edmonton. lol

The Bombers didn't release Malbrough. He was traded for future considerations. Agree about the rest though.

...You're right blue blood....I was thinking of Samuels who got released...and then picked up by the Als... :wink:

ya, considering I live here in Edmonton.. I like the city itself :slight_smile: It's a good place to live and it has what I need..

I just dont' like the Eskimos.

I love the city of Edmonton. I usually spend a couple weeks a year there.

Hall learned from the best. :wink:

wow, i am kinda worried. Esks have done some great work lately with personal moves. I feel they are a great team this year, on the way to being really great. one of only two teams to beat montreal this year, one game out of first in the west, season series on the west leading riders... say what you will, but this team might be making the moves to make a run at just the right time.


yeah no...

coaching has a lot to do with it.

If the Eskimos are going to make a run in the playoffs, two things need to happen: 1) Arkee Whitlock needs to stop fumbling. If he fumbles just once in the playoffs, we're screwed. 2) We need Tristan Jackson back. Bradley Robinson CANNOT be our return guy.

If those two things can happen, maybe we can make a run.

Funny, I'd argue that coaching has something to do with some of this team's problems. Oh, but that's right, Hall was the d-coordinator for many years, so he's a provincial hero over there. :smiley:

who's in first place?? you or us? :lol:

I rest my case !

In true fashion 'best'...exit mouth...insert back into mouth asap.

what, I didn't say anything out of line..

i'm just stating a fact here.