Esks miss the boat

Just heard the Riders signed DB John Ojo to a 2 yr. deal. I think he would have looked good back in Green & Gold. Thoughts anyone?

I think John Ojo, if healthy (had anachilles tear) and 100% recovered, would be an upgrade over Buddy Jackson, Mercy Maston or Marcell Young. However three factors other than health come to mind as to why the Esks didn't make a play for Ojo:

1.) Ojo played the boundary corner in the CFL and that is currently a Canadian starter position with Arjen Colquhoun as the incumbent. If the Esks don't go with a Canadian DE or RT starter the boundary corner will be Canadian with CB Godfrey Onyeka being select at #6 overall to platoon with Colquhoun.

2.) In 2016 when Ojo was in camp and still healthy I recall Coach Benny being on Ojo about his depth in the new zone coverage. Under Coach Jones in 2015 and 2014 Ojo played more man and press coverage. Ojo did well when he could get hands on the receiver off the line and the Esks might not be the right fit for him.

3.) The Esks currently have 84 players under contract, 9 more than they can have on April 30th when they must cut down to 75 player off season maximum. The lateness of Ojo signing in the CFL means the Esks would then have 10 to release or retire prior to the end of April.