esk's Matt Nichols out for season!

Edmonton Eskimos quarterback Matt Nichols sustained a torn ACL during last Friday's 31-24 loss to the visiting Saskatchewan Roughriders. He will undergo surgery and is out for the season.

well, I guess that takes care of the decision for Kavis Reed.
Reilly is now the man in Edmonton.
hopefully he does better than he did that 1st pre-season game.

Terrible news for Nichols and a real blow to his CFL starter prospects. If ever there was a year to grab a starting position, it was this year in Edmonton, with no proven incumbents.

With this unfortunate news for the Esks (and Nichols) could this now open the door for MacPherson?!

welcome Buck I mean Matt..

I really believe this is going to hurt his chance to become the starter for Ottawa.

will the REDBLACKS take him knowing he's been hurt twice in consecutive years, 1 game apart???


Nichols cannot catch a break. poor guy.
A gruesome ankle injury ends a promising start in 2012, forcing rehab for 8 months, and now endures a season ending injury. (in a pre-season game no less)

these injuries will certainly devalue his stock, although hopefully he will bounce back.

Possibly, although I doubt Edmonton even considers bringing in McPherson until they've had a chance to evaluate Reilly as the starter.

this might work in esks favour. Protect Mike, Nichols injury scares of ottawa. Nichols returns in 2014 to be a very strong, perhaps best, backup in the league. 2015, esk trade one, probably Nichols, for a whole lot more talent than expected now.

What is the contract situation with AM? I could see a call to Brink as well.

You're all missing the boat... time to give Bishop a call!

....Devastating for Nichols... bad injury to come back from BUT possibly not career ending for a qb....The esks.were prudent in going after Mike Reilly or they'd really be behind the eight ball...All the weight on Reilly now to carry the team... Can't see Joseph playing effectively...I think we'll get to see what he's made of real early... :roll:

Time to rebuff the Bishop :wink:

I'm not sure the Esks can afford to not have at least one more QB in camp now that they've lost Nichols for the year.

Reilly better come as advertised, or the Esks are in big trouble. I had them last this year before the injury though.

Reily is going to have a ton of pressure on him now. Hopefully they don’t overdo it, even a good young QB will make mistakes when thrown into the starters job.

Agreed. Acquiring Reilly was a big move. They can't really make another one to start someone ahead of him until he's gotten a couple of starts. Anyone that comes in will back up Reilly to start and would only take over if Reilly is struggling. A guy like Brink might make more sense. He's been a backup that has some experiece, can come into the game off the bench, good team first guy and wouldn't put as much pressure on Reilly as having McPherson around might.

Wow, and he was barely touched on the play too. :frowning:

Yes, I noticed that too prairiedog. Makes you wonder if Nichols isn't just an injury waiting to happen.

Well, wolverine, I'm not so sure on that score. I acknowledge that McPherson might push Reilly more than Brink would, but does that really matter? Do the Esks want to win or do they want to coddle Reilly and not 'push' him at all? I am not as sold on McPherson as many others are, but I do happen to believe that he'd be better than Brink, who has never impressed me at all, particularly. Were I to be in Hervey's shoes, I'd probably look to see if McPherson has any interest (and even if he does can he come at this point or does his current arena ball gig preclude him from coming now?) first, tell KJ to hang 'em up, take a good long look at the other 2 rookies, and if all that fails then maybe call Brink.

Surely you jest ! :slight_smile:

Someone has suggested on another site that he may have twisted it before the actual fall with his cleat getting stuck in the turf. I have not watched to confirm this but it is another possibility as as you say it was a pretty minor hit.

That was the impression I got as well actually.

It is a shame for sure, but the blessing is that they realistically signed Reilly to be #1, and there will be no controversy now. Also, I look forward to seeing more of Crompton...I was rather impressed with him.

All the same, gotta feel for Matt...super tough to take for sure, with a golden opportunity in grasp.

Bishop will be in a walker before that fades away. It is stunning how often his name still comes up in the forums!

Fixed it for you. SMH Can't believe you didn't take advantage of that perfect set up. :wink: