Esks lose Restilli to Dolphins

Shame. I was enjoying all the other teams losing players to the NFL while we hung on to ours (aside from Kelly Campbell, but he can go bacck to the NFL if he wants to :lol: ).

So who's gone to the NFL so far and who look's like they are going?
Think it looks something like:
Mark Restelli LB - EDM
Brandon Browner DB - CGY
Tom Johnson DT - CGY

Probably going:
Andy Fantuz SB - SSK
Chad Owens WR/KR - TOR
Philip Hunt DE - WPG
Geoff Tisdale DB - HAM
Emmanuel Arcenaux WR - BC
Garrett McIntyre DT - HAM
Demonte Bolden DT - HAM

Add more if I missed any

Maybe move this to the free agency thread so more folks can find it?

what about that tall reciever for winnipeg last year? think he will go NFL? i didnt know tom johnson was going to the nfl. i hope edmonton is comtetive this year... but not too comptetive.

Maybe next year Greg Carr will go NFL, but I think the more likely candidate from there is Terrence Jeffers-Harris.

No and no ...the next-best prospect left for next year after Fantuz apparently leaving anyway and with SJ Green staying in the CFL is Jamell Richardson.

I'm not sold on Arceneaux, but we will see what all that chatter is all about with a great article out today as posted in his thread.