esks look like Cats of old

Boy, watching the Eskimoes I can't help but compare them to the Ticats of three or four years ago. It seems, they can't do anything right out there. Ray is no longer the dominant QB he was. I don't think it's his fault but they need a shake up big time. Their backups are brutal. Why would they have Maas as their No. 3. That spot should be reserved for a young up and comer like Porter or Tafralis.... I wonder if sending Porter or Tafralis there would be a good move for both sides????? I can see something happening in the off season

More like the Cats of recent. The Cats of old were gooood.

No the Cats are average to above-average now. I’m talking the Maas and Printers years…

The 1-17 team with Danny Mac had far more fight and focus than the Esks now!

I said the Cats of RECENT.... not the Cats of PRESENT. Sheessh..... don't they teach kids how to tell time anymore? :slight_smile:

Maybe that's the Cats of old to you, but a lot of us remember a different Cats of old who were one of the dominant teams in the league. Hence Mark's "Cats of recent" comment.

So given their record, would they be desperate to make a trade of some sort. And if so....who would you want to mean acquire from their team and who would you send them.

Personally....I'd consider trying to get Prefontaine. Not sure who I would give up. Maybe Bauman?