Obviously,everyone is watching the Jays lose.. Huge game for playoff positioning
. Watching Jennings should be a treat.

Well the Jays game is over so no excuse now :slight_smile:. Shaping up to be an interesting tilt BC with the slight advantage at the end of the first quarter. And Bowman with a HUGE TD to open the 2nd!

I think it has less to do with the Jays and more to do with halftime scores of 10-3. The CFL can produce decent games still like this one,but unfornately they have become far and few in between

Jennings will probably play out his contract and go to the NFL. The Lions should ditch Lulay(Buck Pierce 2.0) and offer Jennings Trevor Harris kind of money over 3 years. Jennings is the real deal. He looks off recievers and has as good touch on his deep passes. He still makes rookie decisions like to end tty he first half,he only needed to get 5 measly yards and went for broke Instead, but now that the Bombers are toast, I am so on the Jennings bandwagon.

Can we see Franklin again? Losing faith in Riley. I don't care if the ball was tipped. The offence looks like grab with Riley.

Well Lulay is sitting on his ass,and so is Ricky Ray. Why not Reilly?

Is Tedfird the most overplayed person in the CFL other than Ricky Ray?

So glad the ref missed the BC player kicking the ball into the endzone. Idiot!

I want Franklin in. Riley sucks, and he's going to lose our season with this loss. We needed this to keep pace with Calgary. Now Calgary will win the division, and Edmonton will lose another West Final.

Riley's thrown 3 TDs to 6 INTs this month. Completing 71% of your passes means crap when you let the opponent score 13 off turnovers.

What was stupid was the Esks tackling him before he got out.. But the penalty negated it all anyways... W we ll what was a good game, has now turned into another zebrathon

Karmas a bits isn't mister referee


Wow, fumble recovery but of course there's a flag on the play. This is getting ridiculous. Terrible PI call, and the Lions have gotten away with a couple of penalties as well. Refs are throwing this game away.

Surprised they didn't keep calling penalties until BC finally scored.

Let's not forget he hasn't had a lot of play time compared to others . Agreed his timing seems to be off . Never mind Reilly sucks.


reilly not having a good yr so far, but anytime esks want to trade him to a team I cheer for, I am all for it. He will be better again next year, if not sooner.

I'll take Lynch at this point. Even better, let's call Winnipeg and ask if we can borrow Nichols for 7 minutes.

Well.. This was a good game.. It devolved into a joke now though.. Crap like this almost makes the outcome meaningless. Like I can hope for a definitive play that puts the game away,but realistically, nobody deserves to win. If Edmonton wins,its because BC can't execute a simple goaline play and if BC wins,its because Reilly sucks.

Holding.. Game over.