Esks @ Lions game could be moved to Commonwealth

This issue was first brought to my attention over on the riderfans message boards

I found some more info on this in the Toronto Sun....

Question is, will the lions get any profit from this? The West final could be moved to Commonwealth or McMahon if the lions finish first?

What about the Grey Cup if this continues :?

won't happen, IMO. the employees have BC Place over a barrel and will get what they want.

Good questions KP.

It's a slippery slope for certain.
If the Lions have to move a pivotal home game to Edmonton, you would surmise they would need some form of compensation.
1st place is on the line and the Esks are receiving a gift, thus Cohon needs to prepare for this scenario now if he has not already.

Personally, I feel the Lions should take all gate receipts/revenue for the game as the Esks are receiving home field advantage once again.

Yeah Holy Toledo tangledweb....

At the end of the day, I don't really see this happening, but if this version of the Titanic did sink, imagine the legal team (and the battle) Braley and Cohon would have to pull a salmon of this size from the Fraser.....

no doubt KP

hmmmm....If Empire Stadium is still erect, it may be a possibility of operating that facility with temps, although I believe it is already disassembled...Not certain though...