Esks / Lions - 2 talent laden teams

Highlights here for those who didn't stay up late Saturday night, choosing lighs out to be game ready for today.

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That new WR D'haquille (Yes, that's right! But, they call him Duke.) Williams looks like quite a "catch" for EDM. (#81)

Thanks for the link! Those are two very talented teams. The West looks strong again.

I missed the game last night but then watched it on video this morning.
I'm not sure about "very talent laden teams" ?? I didn't see it. I thought both QBs were throwing desperation "up for grabs" passes, not accurate passing at all. The receivers were coming back to make catches that should have been knocked down or intercepted by the DBs. A lot of blown coverage.
To me it seemed that the DBs on both sides were lacking in their coverage.
But other than the DBs, the defenses looked good.

Was a pretty decent dragged in the middle pretty hard but Eskimos defence was lights out for first three quarters. Classic CFL game though, I was tempted to turn it off multiple times but glad I didn't, that ending was just rapid fire madness.

Edmonton looked better overall than BC, but it looks like they lost Sherrit for a long time, possibly the season with an achilles. Huge blow if so, but even then their defence was on point after he left the game.

Also crazy how Eskimos find these receivers, Duke Williams is the real deal...I certainly hope Edmonton sticks in the west this year for the playoffs, don't wanna deal with them again.