Esks keep moving.. Kai Ellis and Patrick Efif released

I'm a little surprised by the Ellis release.

I wonder how good Ellis would look opposite Baggs
then we can trade Hickman for a DB :cowboy:

Hickman has been our best Defensive Lineman the past two seasons...

He's had 7 sacks each year and that was while splitting a lot of time with Long and MCintyre in 09' and then Mcintyre and Baggs in 2010.

He becomes a full time starter with Baggs on the other end he'll get between 10-12 sacks IMO.

If we can get a guy that can do the same or better and then trade Hickman for a DB, how could you refuse that? 7 sacks in 18 games isn't exactly utter brillance, DT and DE opposite Baggs (when McIntyre was not in) were weak.Bolden needs to be a backup at best, Hickman as well or trade him.

How is 7 sacks in 9 games? he was playing essentially half time.

Stamps, Bombers, Als and Riders will likely show the most interest here.

WHAT EVER!Baggs wasn't here for the longest time so Hickman was a full time DE with Khari Long and Garrett McIntyre swapping sides.Even still Hickman played much more than Baggs until maybe the last 1 or 2 games.