Esks irked by DeAngelis slip and slide

Please enlighten me...what is a mangicake???

It's an Italian insult; translated it means "cake eater."

Don't mean to nit-pick here, but it doesn't matter if DeAngelis is Italian. This isn't soccer, so who cares how they celebrate.

There is not a player I cant stand as much as AJ Gass...

Almost makes ya wish that Gass could be brought up on some sort of suspendable charge. Make him sit out an entire season in hopes that will change his on-field aggressive demeanor.

Are you sure you weren't thinking about how pissed off I would be? :lol:

He's right, though, it was in the Hamilton game in Calgary. Him running down the field is etched in my brain. But I don't think he did the slide, I think he was just trying to beat the traffic.

And for the record, I wasn't offended.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating.
You hate to be the brunt of it but who in this forum doesn't like it when it's their boys doing it??
I think it's a great part of the long as it's celebrating your own achievement and not someone else's misfortune. That is poor sportsmanship!

Obviously you've never heard of Bill Gramatica.

For thoe who missed it here is an interesting video!
Larry and Corny this might be to painful to watch!

[url=] ... onton/web/[/url]

Haha, the guy who nailed a field goal, did a little jumping pump fist and injured himself doing so!

See, ive seen a couple of those videos now RedWhite, and while they are very well done, Calgary could lose badly and that video would make you think they won flawlessly 73-0.

Yes I believe Thomas Higgens III does them if I am not mistaken.

It is interesting the quote from Higgens about the celebration....I guess this means the "One" is done with.

Link for the quote or is this one of those Mikeyboy made up quotes! :lol: :lol: :lol: