Esks irked by DeAngelis slip and slide

Calgary kicker Sandro DeAngelis’s field-long dash and belly flop seen as unsportsmanlike

I just read this article on the CFL homepage. You can tell Maciocia wasn’t happy about the celebration.

And I found this line particularly interesting.

"If you don't want to see them celebrate, beat them on the field," snapped the Edmonton head coach. "It's as simple as that."
I think he should take some of the blame here. While I agree kicking the FG may have been the best option, I don't think they should have left LeFors in on Second down. It was too obvious.

I do not know. Why should they not rub it in a bit after Gaas's display of unsportsmanship. They should not talk. Sounds like a coach that has no answers to me.

I slightly agree with 05. Both teams did some pretty classless stuff yesterday. It's all part of the battle of alberta. Gass throws a helmaet deangilis mocks them with bad dance.

As much as some will want to read into this, it is as simple as a player celebrating a big play which gave his team a big win over an arch rival...That's it! I can say with 100% certainty that it was not Sandro's intention to showboat or rub it in the face of an opponent!!!

Oh, I agree. I think fans should be more ticked at their team. What Gass did was ridiculous and hurt the team. And the play calling at the end was pathetic. Who tries the same play twice when the game is on the line?

Maciocia can piss and moan about the celebration all he likes, but he should be looking at his team and coaching staff. take on this Chief, for what it is worth, but I think Danny Boy 'snapped' more at his own players complaints than Sandro's jubuliance....if you don't want to see it, then don't let it happen....personally, I think DeAngelis was just excited to win a crutial game, but I can see perfectly how his celebration could be deemed over the top...

It was a little over the top... but to be honest, I didn't think it was nearly as bad as some of the crap they pulled last year. The relay and the canoe dance (or whatever the hell that was) come to mind.

I can see it now, Sandro kicks the winner on the last play of the game in Hamilton and proceeds to sprint to the endzone and is blind sided by a fan, who then applies the dreaded figure four leg lock in an attempt to solicit a submission.

I totally agree! After seeing the touchdown catch earlier that shot up quite a spray, I knew immediately what Sandro was going to do. Heck! I had a slip-n-slide when I was a kid and I remember how much fun it was. He was just just doing the same thing (and getting paid for it)

Celebrating a win is a part of sports.

Obviously the Stamps are not gracious winners...remember the fake field goal for a TD against Toronto a few weeks ago and now the ridiculous DeAngelis sprint across the field as though he won the game all by himself. Not only did he insult Edmonton, but his own teammates by running away from them.

...pfft, yeah sure mark...

I didn't see anything wrong with it. It's not like he did a stupid dance, he just ran down the field and dove and slid into the endzone.

I agree with Dust, I really didnt see anything wrong with it either. He did the same thing against Hamilton last year. Its just sour grapes on the part of Maciocia, who should look into the mirror as to why his team lost the game.

Actually i think he did it against Montreal.

Guys got wheels, he should be returning kicks.

This is from the game recap page, in the schedule section of this site:

DeAngelis kicked a 45-yard field goal on the last play of the game to give the Calgary Stampeders a 23-22 victory over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. With Hamilton leading 21-20 late in the game, Ticat kicker Jason Boreham missed a 42-yard field goal and had to settle for just a single. Taking over the ball with 13 seconds left at their own 35-yard line, Calgary quarterback Henry Burris completed a 13-yard pass to Markus Howell and a 24-yard pass to Ken-Yon Rambo to put the Stamps within field-goal range.

I could be wrong, but i thought it happened
in the game he kicked two 50+ yd kicks, first one
to tie, second one for the win.

I remember laughing to myself, and thinking how
pissed off 3rd must be right now.

Can you blame the guy for being excited? I wish all kickers would show the kind of intensity Sandro does. Last year he was the same way and always pumped up. I'm just glad the guy wears red and white.

Well, with it being Edmonton and all, maybe DeAngelis thought he was doing the Crocodile Mile. "You run, you slide, hit the bump, take a dive." (And yes, I know I'm grasping at straws here, but meh.)

Why wouldn’t Sandro be excited??? It was the last play of the game. His team was down by 1 point. A game that they needed the 2 points badly, especially with all the negative media of the past week. It had been a hard fought game, everyone had to be on the edge of their seats…I know I was. And besides… he’s Italian! Ever seen an Italian score in soccor??? The run all over the field.
Get over it Eskies! Next…

Hmmmmmm.. wonder if he's ever called Troy Westwood a "mangicake" then. :lol: