Esks in Trouble!

Not only did the Esks pick up Khari Jones (weakest arm in football) but you also got RD Lancaster. Hmmmm, 1-17 with the TiCats 2 years ago and 7-11 last year. This guy couldn’t coach his way out of a wet paper bag. Now Esk fans, I don’t want to hear we have Hervey, we have Mitchell. They are green pylons out there without an offensive scheme. This is no way a dis to the Esks or their fans, just some facts. Good Luck!

We have Tucker.

better hope he can call the play and pass to himself!

his fast anough

Can he coach ha ha ha ha ! Hey M Feterik is available and he has a son that can really throw a ball.

First : Edmonton is NOT my number 1 team I cheer for. Having gotten that out of the way. I think Edmonton are better than most of you give them credit for. I think they will play better even with Lancaster Jr. Yes Junior is a bad coach, But look at Maas last year with some of his numbers. Edmonton have a good receiving core, they got Beaton back on the "O"line, and I like their upgrades on defense (Especially Sanchez).

I’ll bet that Edmonton will be hot on BC’s tail than any of the other Western teams.

…I dunno, Danny M doesn’t seem to be the whiz-kid that is going to get the Esks very far, look for an imploding locker room or an outright mutiny by players IF things start to go off the rails…

hey chotchie, go screw urself, RDL is a good coach, they didnt have they talent edmonton does.

Jones has been working so hard this offseason and is in the best shape of his life right now, and he would have to better than Maas to get the job so well have a good Qb no matter what.

we have so much more talent than just JT.


Take er easy pal! How do you defend two horrible years with two diffrent teams? You don’t. You close your eyes and hope for the best.
Don’t say the talent wasn’t there, that’s BS. A good coach will exeed expectations and get the best out of what he has to work with. Winnipeg and Hamilton both had quality QB’s and atleast one all-star reciever. Fact is his offensive schemes suck. What good is talent if you don’t know how or where to use it? I don’t know why you are so sure he will do anything in Edmonton. We have all seen talented teams go in the toilet. Talent is over-rated. A well coached team wins championships. As for Khari, as much as I think he’s a great community guy, he’s not the Khari of old. Last year we heard how he was in the best shape of his life. The only way you could get him to run is if you dangled a donut in front of him. It won’t take long for you to realize his best days are way behind him. If not, wait till you see the patented one hop pass or sideline - whoop - there’s an INT pass! As I said before…Good Luck!

I agree the weak link here is coaching. Even his dad fired him that says enough. Danny M rookie coach will make those rookie mistakes. He will get them in order eventually after he rids himself of RD Lancaster. As far as Jones goes, I like him great guy but I believe he is past his prime. In the last three games with Calgary he looked like he was struggling to throw the ball down field. Mind you McGarity ( the quiter was a receiver). Good coaching does put a team into prespective. Bad coaching and the hook will come out.

Although I’m not a fan of RDL (how this guy keeps getting canned and lands on his ffeet is beyond me) let’s not forget that Danny Macciocia has been a seccuessful OC in this league for a long time. IF, and that’s a big IF, things start out rough for the Esks I would expect DM would have plenty to say. Translation – I’m not worried.

And as for Gary Jones, you guys are really going out on a limb by stating the obvious. Yes his best days are probably behind him. Could that be why the Esks signed him as Maas’ back-up? Yeah he probably can’t take an 18 game schedule, but he’s probably as solid a back-up as anyone else has in the league.

You guys keep reaching for weaknesses in the Esks armour. Especially you Calgary guys…all the trash and you’re coming off a 4-14 season. Do you honestly think you guys have improved THAT much by adding a quarterback?

…and a better receiver, and some Oline upgrades, and resigned all our D, and improved (immensely Imaight add) our coaching staff all being lead by Owners who actually know what they are doing…so the answer EM would be yes, we do think we have improved that much…and by the way, all I see above is point-counterpoint discussions, if that’s what you deine as ‘trash’ then grow a thicker hide EM…

are you an esk guy RedandWhite

Khari must have thought a bad smell was following him around when he saw ol’ RD. was gonna be the plan man. Hope the Esks. fair better with him than the BOMBERS did. Danny M. impressed me last year but can he make the transistion to HEAD HAUNCHO…??? The running game is going to be suspect for Edm. this year…otherwise they look solid on defense but that will only win you so many…lots of question marks for this team as well as Sask. ,Cal., and the Peg. It’s gonna be tight in the wild west. :arrow:

KJ is in the best shape of his life right now. and he’s motiviated.

One of the worst things I’ve heard here is that ‘talent is overrated’. In a hard-fought game, the team with more skill wins every time. It’s simple logic and I see that in every sport.

And leave the Stamps fans alone - they are so below us we should be ashamed to even acknowledge they exist. They are actually delusional enough to believe Edmonton will take their place, but the Esks are not a 2nd-rate team like theirs. If they want to think that they’ll be anything but a bottom-dweller next year, all the more fun it will be when they ‘improve’ to 5-13.

well dont go so far as to ignore, we dont ignore all rider fan intelligence, some have some.

Osmoses, it is not Gary Jones it is Kahri Jones. What I said is an opinion. By all means I am in no way a nexpert at coaching I do not have that to my credit. I am looking at it from a fan prospective do not get your underware in a knot. I am sure if the coaching does not do a good job Hughie will get the hook out. But take it easy man the season has not started. And yes I do expect the Stamps to be a very good football team.
Again it is an opinion.

ya and he has a bible to pray with.