Esks in Montreal

I certainly would like to see our return game improve, so thus perhaps the blocking part of the return/punt/kick game has to be set up in a way to create a seam within a seam. In other words the whole special teams crew (must) have to be on the same page for this to happen. It’s easier said than done so we’ll see how this goes in the game against Montreal with the injuries to 3 key players. Brian Bonner has a hamstring problem at least that is what the team is saying. So that leaves Weldon Brown and then who?..perhaps bring Wopamo Osaisai off practice roster and give him some game action?

Our special teams have been awful the whole year thus far. You could dress a tackling dummy and he'd bust off huge return yardage against our cover teams.

Players of concern for Edmonton to contain; - Whitaker - Green - Richardson - Maypray - Calvillo.
Concerned players to contain for Montreal; - Ray - Messam - Porter - Barnes - ...???
Punting/kicking Als - Whyte and to mention Molson Stadium.
KIcking/Punt Eskies - it's a huge "BONUS" that we Duval and that's an understatement.
Going to be a difficult game for Edmonton I say....but do hope I'm wrong.

Edmonton's about to suffer it's first losing streak. I believe I called it earlier.

Maypray has been steadily getting worse the past few weeks. I wouldn’t worry about him. I agree that we have more weapons for your D to contain than your offense has for our D to contain, given your injury situation (Stamps). I wonder if Trestman will try to run the ball more, since Peach and Davis are still out?

Our big problem on D is our pass rush. Or specifically, our lack of pass rush. We’re dead last in sacks, and we have a lot of trouble pressuring the quarterback unless we blitz. And I really don’t want to be blitzing very frequently when facing a veteran like Ricky Ray, who will stand in the pocket, find his hot read, move the chains, and make you look foolish.

Whyte sucks at punts and kickoffs, though he’s been money on field goals. We’re going to have a tough time with field position, as we do every week thanks to our godawful special teams.

Edmonton pulled off the ugliest fake punt I've ever seen, then got a penalty to end the ugliest fake field goal. I'm not sure our special teams are to be feared.

The way our O-line is performing it's pretty likely the Al's sack total will go up significantly.

They failed Big time on that play fake and to mention time was running out when the line guys turned and looked back as if too...."WHAT'S GOING ON GUYS" = I got a chuckle of it though. Passaglia of the Lions used to pull plays off like this all the time (mostly in the second half) as he was the master of it. For this to work it was Passaglia's call upon leaving the bench (I think) that the fake is going into motion. The key here is the guy in the spotters both notices that the defending team guys are turning around to set up there blocking assignments a little early and sends down the message. Duval can also do this (he can run) on a said called fake play for the first down, but sheesh don't advertise it. At the right time with the proper communication is the only way for a fake to work. And it does seem odd as I was talking about this in another thread before the Winnipeg game on a possible fake play to be ran. Go figure and thus I say.....ESKIES....Show It to Me :cowboy:

Duval is terrible at concealing fakes. Watch the direct snap we did in last year's Grey Cup game and check out how many times Duval glances to the right before Deslauriers gets the snap. The Riders actually sniffed the fake out and it was only Deslauriers's second effort that got us the first down.

Yes I remember that play on the eye glances by Duval and perhaps part of that could be nerves or....I'm not too sure about this play working. The key thing here is believe in yourself (self esteem) that Yea I can do this..........easier said than done however. Maybe one day Damon will surprise himself on somekind of mishap and RUN for the first down out of fear.

Still a game to be played yet and there is always a chance for victory. If Edmonton does happen to loose to the Big "Bad" Alouettes, being back home for a game on Aug.19th, the loss streak will end at two games with a win over the Lions once again. One would hope the recent signing of Import WR/KR Jason Armstead, at his age (32) that he still has "Stylin and thus Profilin" to take a kickoff/punt return to the house. With that said, Import WR Reggie McNeal only an Eskimo for 2 weeks has been released.

I certainly hope Edmonton steals one in Montreal, but with the significant injuries, I don't see it happening. As for Armstead, for serious? He was here last year and was pretty underwhelming.

The streak should end the following week against BC. That I agree with.

To go a little deeper; The signing of Armstead is likely to fill the gap with the injuries to our two receivers. He has expierience (that's a plus) so I think the Esks didn't want to spend a lot of money (salary cap?) at this time; thus to have cash fo players that could help the team once the NFL cuts start to happen. There probably isn't anybody else out their Chief that could help with the return game anyway the way I see it. The Esk's I hope get out of Montreal without anything serious injury wise as I feel the game against B.C. will be a more punishing game. Good thing the break is after the Lions game also as the Eskies are in need of it.

Notes: Nowacki WR - Davis - LB from what I understand are going to play at Molson Stadium tommorow.
WR Bowman (cracked Rib) could play in one of the back to back Labour games; Calgary or Edmonton.....I say the latter. Peach could/will be out longer but I think we have just enough depth to cover.

I think everyone's assumed that. :stuck_out_tongue: I still say it's an underwhelming signing. It's like Calgary signing Michael Bishop. I don't see him doing anything to help the team win.

I suppose the good news is maybe we'll get to see what are Canadians (Bauman and Coehoorn) are like.

Over in the Montreal forum they are concerned also; The Esk's are going with a change up (different positions for receivers) in schemes which could create havic for the Als. If all goes well Ricky Ray (has the smarts) and could pick apart Montreal. But on the other hand Calvillo will do the same; could see a lot of points on the board too. Flip side: Maybe Duval will put an end to it with a game winning fieldgoal in front of his family.....Priceless.

Your D should get a big boost with the return of Rod Davis. Somehow, I don't think we'll be running a whole lot on you tomorrow. :frowning:

Oh no. I just realized this is his first game back in Montreal. This could be ugly... :? :stuck_out_tongue:

Duval is generally okay in the regular season. It's in the playoffs (i.e. real pressure situations) that he comes unglued. Unless you're playing us in the Grey Cup game, I hope he works out his playoff performance issues this season. :twisted:

Senior Ah Me Quoted; "all the old Duval Demons have been exorcised and only the new Damons (exist) are for real now".
Seriously though; I feel one of the two teams are about to get burned on a kickoff/punt/fieldgoal return.

Heh. We'll see if the daemons are still lurking. :wink:

Seriously though; I feel one of the two teams are about to get burned on a kickoff/punt/fieldgoal return.
It's us. Seriously. The media hasn't made a big deal of it, because the only Als story they care about is the Calvillo record chase (yawn -- I'm an Als fan and I'm already sick of hearing about it), but our special teams performance has been brutal in every conceivable aspect this year except for placekicking. We routinely lose the ST field position battle by hundreds of yards every game, we can't block for our (crappy) kick returner, we take penalties to either give the other team better field position or negate our offense regaining possession of the ball, we give up kick-return TDs, and our kicker is terrible at punts and kickoffs.

Every week, I hold my breath wondering if this will be the week ST defies my expectations and turns in even an average performance. Hasn't happened yet.

Just one decent kick return is all we ask :smiley: Do not think that is asking too much of them!

As for storylines in Montreal, do not forget aside from AC, there was chatter on Anderson and his antics for a couple of weeks (Riders and TiCats games).