...esks . hurting on d....

........hmmmmmmm ...could be something the BigBlue can exploit.....Romero on the 9 game ir....Malveaux out.....Byron Parker new to the system....and a couple of more dings on the shmoes d.....Rev it up Mr. Reid...could be some nice running room up the middle....Of course they just plugged it a bit with Haywood....but he's slow and a if the o line is working at all Reid should have a nice game...I hope Bishop can burn his ol team buddy ...Parker was not playing at a high level since his injury...was it the Andrus coached team that was buggin him orrrrrrr was that injury a little more than he is letting on....guess we'll find out fri......The last outing between these clubs could have gone either way.....maybe its our turn... :wink:

definately a bonus that the esk d is a little banged up, also this team has the underdog factor going for it the rest of the way... at this stage in the season the team that takes the other lightly is a team that loses... im not saying the esks are thinking they will walk with this one but subconsciously i have to believe that most teams are thinking W when they see winnipeg on the schedule.. could work to our advantage

if the offense plays fired up like they did last game... anythings possible... and freddy is due for another big game!

The Esks need to win to stay in the playoff hunt. They will be fighting hard.

If the pass rush isn’t a factor against Ray, it won’t matter who they have on defence, Ray will kill us like he did in last years East Semi. If we get to him, we should get the win.

Esks signed Jerome Haywood to replace the injured Dario Romero.

Haywood hasn't played since he was cut by the Als in training cut. Same with Reggie Hunt. I don't think Anthony Malbrough has played since last season. Really have to wonder whether any of them are in game shape right now.

Haywood is a huge drop off from Romero.

He probably is, but I don't think we're in any position to take anybody lightly...just go play like it's our last game...

I for one am hoping for a Bomber blowout.

...don't know about a blow=out.....however we do have a healthy ,solid defence.....and if we can get to Ray...who knows....Our offence should be able to put up some points against a hurtin esks d....we'll see :roll:

Bombers win this one going away if they do not waste down after down trying to get the running game going. Come out passing and mix in the short throws to the rbs, thats the way to go! Yes you can hand off on occasion later, but not very often, it`s a loser from the start otherwise.

I think the plan last game was to use the pass to set up the run...don't see why they'd go away from that...it worked out pretty good...

Yup, the wounded animal effect. Hard to bet against the Esks in this one.

Should be a game, two teams fighting to stay alive in their divisons. No offense guys, but I had to pick Edmonton as my favourite to win this one. For the record, i'm under 50% with my picks this year so we'll see :lol:

And no offense to you but I had to pick Calgary to win on Saturday. For the record, I've not been keeping track of my record. :lol: