Esks hope special rookie gets his reward

Who do you think is the rookie of the year?

As far as rookie of the year goes, I'd say these are the top contenders:

1- Gavin Walls (40 tackles, 12 sacks, 2 fumble recoveries, 1 int, 2 TDs) WPG
2- Robert Edwards (1000+ rusher and 8 TDs in 12 games) MTL
3- Damon Duval (44 yards avg punting, 33 FG made, 72% FG completion, league leading scorer) MTL
4- Sandro DeAngelis (39 FG made, 78% FG completion) CGY
5- Tony Tomkins (791 punt return yards, 780 kick return yards, 27 yards avg per KR, 4 TDs) EDM

.....tough list to pick a winner from, they all deserve it........

True. It was a very good year for rookies.

But I would give it to Gavin Walls if the season ended today. These would be amazing stats for a veteran defensive end. He's a newbie! He leads the league in sacks. He's a linemen with two touchdowns. Quite amazing. And defensive players never get enough recognition anyways. He's my pick.

.....yeah, sounds good, gives something back to the Bombers and their fans for what has otherwise been a dismal year......

Yeah. That’s as close of a trophy the Bombers can get this year.

Is Ryan for the Bombers a rookie???

No. Jon Ryan is in his second year with the Bombers. But had he been a rookie, I don't think he would have deserved the honour more than his teammate Walls.

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Walls is my choice. Earlier in the year I would have given it to Deangelis, but then he showed himself to be a human. Walls has not shown that yet.

.........good point......besides, DeAngelis has a good shot at Top Canadian......

maybe him and cahoon would be close at getting it, but cahoons injury would put him back

I'd pick either Tompkins, or Deangelis.

I would easily pick Tony Tompkins over Damon Duval 3rd.. lol

Duval has been solid though. I just dont see a kicker winning rookie of the year over a kick returner or defensive lineman. TNT is small, and you gotta be brave to dodge a bunch of defensive lineman and big hitters on special teams.

Maybe it is time for a new award just for kickers! This year has been a tough year for most kickers with the exception of Deangelis! He has kicked for 78% not bad for a first year Canadian Kicker.

Does anyone know if walls is a true rookie. remember anyone with nfl or nfl europe experience doesn't count. I know Tompkins, deangleis and duval are rookies but I'm pretty sure edwards doesn't and have no clue about walls. I would say its close between walls and tompkins.

Stegallfan, I don't even know if Cahoon will be the Top Canadian amongst the Alouettes. Dave Stala could get the nod. And don't count Agustin Barrenechea (Hml) out of the race yet. He's Canadian too and had an awesome year.