Esks GM Ed Hervey relieved of duties

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Ed Hervey has been relieved of his duties as Eskimos GM

I want to know Why!

Not confirmed yet. Rhodes is going to make an announcement maybe his illness is serious and he's leaving. I'd wait for confirmation on this.

I agree, I changed the title of the thread accordingly.

Eskimos President and CEO Len Rhodes is scheduled to make a major organizational announcement today at 11 a.m. local time.

TSN is reporting it as being fired

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But yes, more details to some I presume at the presser. Otherwsie, an odd time to fire a GM

Rhodes was diagnosed with Cancer, might have to do with that is all I'm saying. Firing Hervey six weeks from the start of the season seems a little odd.

…I, on the other hand, would like to know why?

The Esks aren't even allowed to speak to other CFL teams about possible replacement GM's

Only GM's available immediately are promoting from within their Organization,
or Barker or ex MTL Asst GM Joey Abrams

Might have something to do with the audit ? or financial situation of the football ops ?

Or Taman.

Sure if they want to suck!

Ou le génial Danny Maciocia! Selon Herb Zurkowsky, c'est le meilleur... :twisted:

Perhaps Chris Jones will bolt to the Eskimos...... :lol:

.....Sounds like a firing for some egregious behaviour...What could of Hervey done to get the pink slip??>>>>inquiring CFL'ers want to know :roll:

He's pretty abrasive but he put a good product on the field every year. They better have a sure bet to replace him and that ain't Barker.

Wonder if this opens the door for a Franklin trade before he hits free agency next year ???

.....Could be Barker....or Paul Jones who is scouting down south for them right now...They better have someone in mind at this juncture... :roll: I wonder if it might be sms related and have gone over too far and it's going to cost them (very speculative on my part)

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Contract extension issues and philosophical differences, including fan, media access. #Esks #CFL

Reid Wilkins?Verified account

Paul Jones will serve as Esks interim GM.

It was done The Eskimo Way.......

Doubt it. No interim GM will move any major piece. That's not his job. Plus Jones recruited him.