Esk's GM Announcement Soon?

The latest rumour mill has ET getting the post.

When Rick LeLacheur makes an anouncment via press conference. Until then"Nada".

Why Womack no? there's already been interest expressed by him.

As for the rest... you also don't need a PR fiasco (something I've said so many times I really can't believe how dense some folks are not to realize that) .

I am here to official reverse something I said. Specifically about how it’s important to find the best GM, not just find one quickly.

Considering the ridiculous sh!tstorm that has been created by the mere mention of ET’s name and the Esks in the same breath, the Esks MUST get a new GM - whoever it is - as soon as fricking possible. Even if only to put this gawd-awful bitch-fest to sleep.

Write off the season. Hire some guy now and move on. Even if that means re-adjusting roles and responsibilities before the off season. If only to get rid of the distraction.


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Terry Ray interested in GM job.

if the Esks wanna continue on this lousy record, Hire Terry Ray.

How about Joe Womack? We'll find out on "WHO" soon enough I suppose.

I believe Dave Naylor said 2-3 weeks. Sounds about right to me.

As for Terry Ray... I don't work. He has a bit of experience scouting and working with players, but I think I'd rather have someone with more experience. Right now we need to focus on taking care of the franchise instead of the former greats. If he wanted to be a scout, I'd be fine with that.

I know it's only Sportsnet and it doesn't necessarily mean it's a done deal,

but they have an article that claims Tillman is the favorite right now and the decision may likely be within 2 weeks..

I know some don’t like him or don’t think he’s ready to come back, but honestly, when it comes to rebuilding the franchise, I think he’s probably the best bet.

Here is the most recent report out moments ago.
The decision has been made and with an expected announcement shortly!
Here is the story. ... story.html

I already posted my comments in the main board, so I won't repeat them here. I'll just say if this is true, then I'll support the decision.

Wow. I guess it is official. Even TSN is reporting it...

This choice brings the Esks back into the credibility range.
I would bet how this decision was accelerated big time after this weekend game and with the crowd at 35,000, it was the all time lowest turnout at Commonwealth and with the second lowest Friday crowd at 40,000.

Sounds official to me. Dave Naylor is quoted on, and is reporting that the announcement will come tomorrow morning.

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Dare I defend CFLIsTheBest, just this once perhaps :stuck_out_tongue: , but from previous commentary it looks to me like a few other folks ought also be eating crow once this announcement is official?

I thought the move would be bad for business at the very least due to the stigma of the criminal offence involving a minor even though the criminal matter had been dealt with fully and it was time to move on in that regard, but we'll see what most fans will think now for sake of the Court of Public Opinion.

Otherwise if he's made good legally on what he did wrong including with the victim and her family, it's time to move on.

The Global TV Edmonton poll was at about 70% against and 25% for ET as the Esks GM. I'd say that's most Edmontonians (not just Esks fans - which is an even bigger deal).

An on-line poll? A self-entering poll tends to attract a reactionary response. Until there is a proper scientific, random, poll, the results are an indication only that it might be a lightning-rod type issue, which may not be what the Esk's want. Even if a good poll shows 65% are at least OK with it, but 35% are hard-line opposed, it may contribute to negative PR the team doesn't need.

Great point indeed ...and so the open question is are we down to judging what is right at the core, no matter the number of folks who agree or disagree, or judging based merely on Popular Opinion? (and don't get me started there are also those bojacks who claim they never judge anything, unless of course anyone is offended including them! :lol: )

There is a future seminar or book right then and there on the failings and fallacy of democracy though no political ideology or legal system would be without such severe flaws, but for those bored or confused by the time you read this don't worry that subject matter won't be in Off Topic by my hand any time soon. :lol:

I don't disagree... but that completely flies in the face of what we've been hearing from Riders fans ever since online polls started! 8) :wink:

Seriously though, the capacity for this to become a 'lightning rod issue' is what I've been trying to get people to pay attention to (instead of dwelling in the past) for a while now. Glad you see :thup: it that way.