Esk's GM Announcement Soon?

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It's about time, don't ya think?

You know, I was happy when LeLacheur said he wasn't going to rush to find a new GM, but at the same time, we need a permanent person there.

On an unrelated note: A previous article said we traded a 2014 pick, but this article says 2011. Anyone know what the real year is?

EDIT: The article on TSN says 2014, so maybe it was just a typo in this article.

Chief; On the Eskimo's website where I posted the news on the trade in; It's not over "YET" thread says 2014. :?

Yeah, that was the article I was referring. That one and the TSN one say 2014, but the link you posted in your original post in this topic says 2011. Odd. Guess we go with the majority. :lol:

At any rate, it's nice that the organization recognizes that this team is done, and it's best to hire a new GM now, and let him start evaluating people. Waiting until the off-season would've been a waste.

This maybe a little off topic; The Eskies better prepare top notch to the best of their ability, thus come the game in Moncton vs Toronto could be a break out game for Barker's Argo's and Co.

Realistically I am looking at us shooting to be in the role of late-season spoiler, but of course I am new to the CFL crossover phenomenon and most folks I think will be talking about that again if we somehow won two in a row.

The next win won't be this weekend though, but wow it'll be tricky to pick all the games next weekend except I think Montreal if Calvillo is back.

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More player changes on the way. NFL cuts, But who?

Only one possible candidate, Eric Tillman.

If that is true, then the Esks - and the entire league - are in deep, deep doo doo.
A ton of other names have been bandied about. Why are they not possible candidates? :roll:

I'm all for a quick GM hire... but ONLY if it is the RIGHT GUY! The last things this team needs right now are
a) hiring a GM just because we have to and not trying to get the 'best guy' instead,
b) a PR fiasco that would see Season's Ticket holders opt to not renew if the team doesn't make the right moves.

Was just reading some of Hall's comments on Same old, same old, but I doubt we'll see any change in the team's attitude. I've officially lost faith in him. He's a position coach and always will be.

A ton of CFL experience, that's why.
Being successful and a winner is another.
Unprecedented contacts in the US and an excellent evaluator of talent, be it Canadians or Americans.
Sure there may be other candidates, but there is only one leading clear candidate.
If I was the owner of a team especially my Argos, ET would hands down be my GM.

What about Trestman? Can't even talk to him until after the season, so why move on ET (who is inferior to Trestman IMO).
What about Womack? He said he's interested and he's got the contacts too!
What about Quinter? He has CFL and NFL experience and contacts?
What about Lemmerman? He's got the experience, got the contacts south of the border and has a history with the Esks.
What about Desjardins? He's an up and comer, but he's keen and he's clean. Can't talk to him until after the season either so we'll have to wait.

Any of those guys could work for the Esks and do it without bringing an enormous fan and community backlash. It doesn't matter if what ET did was 'minor' or not, it's the public perception that would be damaging to the greater good of the team (which reaches far beyond the football field).

Trestman has no experience as a GM. Not sure you want a guy learning on the job to take over a struggling Esks organization.

That's not the point DaP ... not that you're incorrect, but it's ancillary to the point that was being made. (And I know you know that! 8) )

you are seriously saying Trestman is a better candidate for GM than Tillman? for real? one who's never had GM experience vs one who has?


Womack no.

the rest, possibly. but you need experience in there for a team that is struggling.

I wonder if Mike McCarthy is in the mix. . . if not he should be.

Why Madjack? I, mistakenly perhaps,tend to lump him in the Joe Galat, Greg Mohns type. What’s he done to warrant your support?

Well I always thought he was a pretty effective bird-dog. . . on rellection he's probably better suited as a head scout than as a GM though.

Yep, I get you. :slight_smile:

You want to canvas and get the best possible pool of candidates. Can't blame you for that.