Esks get kicked 56-15 what's next?

burning questions:

  1. is Hall done? will he be back for Saskatchewan on the 28th?

  2. who will get released?

  3. is Ricky Ray hurt seriously? or is he only gone till the next game?

  4. when do you make the big changes?

  5. of their next 5 games coming up (Sask,Cgy,Cgy,Mon,Tor) who can they defeat?

bye bye hall.
your terrible.

you have ray, campbell, stamps, talbot, and whitlock at your disposal, and you stink.
why the hand off on 2nd and 10 or 2nd and 15??? why not just wave the white flag?

if jim barker were coaching this squad, they'd be 6-1, instead of 1-6.

soon to be 1-11.

if they bring in a new coach, its not too late to salvage the season and make the playoffs....only 1 win behind the bombers for the last playoff spot.

If they're going to make a coaching change now would be the time since it's the bye week.

Strasser should definitely go. Hall's a bit more tricky since he holds two spots.

bring back higgins....would he be allowed to leave his current job to become an eskie once again?

if not higgins, who??....bart andrus or mike kelly???...HAHAHAHAHA

ok ok, seriously tho..who?

hard to say.. who is out there that would be a good choice?

I don't think the EE brass has any answers either. Maybe it will take Saskatchewan to beat em 62-14 at Commonwealth on Aug.28th for an answer.

Hire Eric Tillman as GM and let him go to work...

Mike Kelly's available. I'm sure he'd be happy to trash his old team as head coach :lol:
He might even bring Bishop along for the ride:)

Ricky Ray is out for a couple games, possibly.

things just went from terrible, to hopeless.

the eskimos have become the 'free' square on the bingo card.

...what's next?...why, play the stamps two more times that's what! (after, of course, we warm up by playing the BC Lions first)....

......Esks. need another fall-guy....probably Ritchie, although he holds two positions, could get dicey....The fans will not suffer these losses lightly and if there's any chance of making the play-offs, i think they'll go down that road...just not with the present personnel....They finds themselves in a position only too familar to the Bombers,,,they'll have to bite the bullet or continue to get thrashed ...I don't believe that's an option for the team and i smell big changes coming :wink:

ya I think RICHIE.. is going to get canned here. biggest question is who takes over?

do they give it to an assistant? is there an assistant on this team that can really be a Head Coach?

I think Kepley is too nuts to be one. he'd end up having all the players desert him and it would get worse.

but the question is who's out there?

I didn't see the game so I'm catching up right now. So Edmonton doesn't have their starting QB? Welcome to the Lions situation 5 weeks ago! Have fun!

Esks have too many guys not schooled in the Eskimo Way.. eg L. Gordon and Chris Thompson.. former Ticats for cryin' out loud! Javier Glatt? Lion reject.. 'Dre Talbot.. Argo flotsam; they've never won anything after bringing in the Great Kamau Peterson... even Richie Hall has the losers imprimateur from Regina.. can't wash it off. That is why even an ordinary team like Calgary can push them around

For now, we will have to content ourselves with 1978-82 et al

...may I submit the above post, your honour, as Exhibit A for the case as to why 7/8ths of the CFL fan base is having such a wonderful time seeing a goodly portion of the eskimo fans suffer...

Yeah, but he's right. The Esks used to be extremely selective about bringing in outside players, relying far more on their own ability to find and develop players. Now, they do it regularly, and you end up with a bunch of guys who just happen to wear the same uniform, but not a team. Even their management have fewer and fewer ties to the dynasty era.

Among the many changes in Riderville since the end of 2006, this is perhaps the greatest one. There is now a "Rider way", an expectation of how things are done. New players that come into that are molded into those expectations, and veterans that join buy in. No one player is going to come in and change the culture.

......and i'll add this.....A lot of people are forgetting that this team was one that was flush with cash, pre-sms....They have to now compete on a level playing field with every other club...They used to be able to go out and buy a they have to sign -re-treads like everyone else needing a quick fix....Add to that , poorly drafting in recent times (mostly due to dancin danny )and presto you have the current Esks....Lots to fix...but are a few other clubs going through the same process...Welcome aboard edm. :wink:

Poor drafting is being kind. They gave away draft picks lick they were chicklets at a parade, and what they did have left, they picked schlubs. Name ONE impact non-import they've drafted or developed since 2007.

....none of any consequence i can remember.....When they should have been drafting solid canucks for their o line...they went in another direction and today they're paying the price for it....I can't say the Bombers were all that away draft pics with no thought of tomorrow...We did start correcting that a couple of drafts ago by going after Labatte, who is now paying dividends . We still have a long way to go and LaPolice and Mack are adamant that we will be not dealing our pics in the future... We have slowly found out the folly of our ways , which the esks. are now experiencing...It's going to take awhile but the only way out of the woods :wink: