Esks future

Well on the bright side since we only have 2 guys on the All Star team (Stamps and Thompson) we will likely lose the same number of player's to the NFL as last year :wink:

Who do we need to stay and who needs to go?

I sure hope we keep Ricky Ray, but I have a feeling that won't happen. Zabransky may have a great future but he's not our immediate savior.
Hopefully Kamau can get healthy and play like he did a couple years ago. I know you guys are done with Campbell so I won't go there. :wink:
O-line got better but.....
Strasser got better but....
D-line is pretty awful, no pressure at all for years now.
DB's can't tackle...
Mo Lloyd was practically a non factor (at least on the field)
I'd be darn surprised if Hall keeps his job, I don't dislike him for some reason although I dislike his results greatly.

What do you all think?

Guys I'd like to keep... Ray, Whitlock, Stamps, Peterson (I know he's had a couple disappointing seasons, but I'm not ready to give up on him yet), Talbot (he's Canadian, and I'd like to see what he could do whe healthy), Barnes (looks like he has potential), Chris Thompson, Elliot Richardson, TJ Hill (seemed like he was all over the field)..

Guys I'm unsure about... Tristan Jackson. What the hell happened to him? Came back from an injury, sucked, then got injured again. Kelly Campbell. Didn't want to come here, then took forever getting here, then sucked hard... I think right now I'm leaning toward trading him. Mo Lloyd... I don't know what to make of him. There are games when he racks up the stats, but then there are times when I watch him, and he doesn't seem that good.

Guys who definitely need to go... every friggin useless toolbag on the D-Line. :lol: I'd also like to see Hall and Strasser go.

But, Chief, if all the GMs in the league agree with you that he sucked hard, then you're not likely to have them beating down the doors with trade offers . . .

Hey, I'm not demanding a first round pick or anything... :lol:

If I were Hamilton's GM, i'd offer you a 3rd and a 5th for his services.He used to be extremely productive and maybe a change of scenery will bring out his best once more.It worked for Stala and Bruce :slight_smile:

Agreed for the most part. I’m just not sold on Richardson’s open field tackling or Talbot’s ability to get to the first down marker on his routes. Hall’s gone now so Strasser ought to be a bad memory :wink:

A whole lot of house cleaning will have to take place, and keep Porter too with some serious ratio work. Here are my keepers so far as posted separately, and Lloyd is a keeper too:


TJ Hill sure was all over the field usually missing tackles or getting burned for that matter, so get rid of him too.

Hill has more tackles than Lloyd... just sayin.

I really think were going to be in a full rebuild for the next couple of years, their are so many areas to improve. I don't see this getting any better next year either.

Hamilton, Winnipeg and Edmonton are going to be fairly busy this off-season that's for sure.

According to TSN, the Bombers have given Tillman permission to talk to Kavis Reed. I'm still not sure how I feel about this... :?

I'm with you on that sentiment.

On one hand, ET does have a good track record with rookie coaches (Austin, Miller).
On the other I'm not sold on KR as a HC and would be more comfortable with someone who has more experience. Even someone like Cortez (currently with the Bills).

That's exactly it. It's like, I want to trust Tillman because he's proven on more than one occasion that he knows what he's doing, but I look at the name Kavis Reed, and I think, Really, him? :lol:

Of course, Tillman did work with him in Saskatchewan, so maybe he knows something we don't...

It's just not exciting news, it's not really bad news -just not inspiring. Guess we'll see how things go.

Naylor just said that the Esks are expected to interview Dickenson and Chris Jones from Calgary. Nice to see Tillman interviewing a few people.

Not that this is concrete confirmation in any way but I asked Ed Hervey at a grey cup function if Ricky Ray was going to be here next year and he said he believed so. I sure hope he’s right.

Ed Hervey was probably the nicest guy I met during this function, Tracy Ham was great too.

Theres so many rumours concerning Ricky Ray, he has done lots for the club and holds a place in the heart of every eskies fan he'll prolly stay around but if he keeps struggling then changes will be made. I am excited to see Zabransky more next season. Also yes Tracy Ham super nice gy I met him when I was a kid good stuff :thup:

I hope to God we don't trade him. Or if we do, we better get a solid QB in return. Of course, unless we're trading for Burris or AC, that's not going to happen. :lol: I don't think you can blame Ray too much... I blame his struggles on 1. Poor OC, 2. Poor OLine, 3. Kelly Campbell showing up with hands greasier than KFC's chicken. :smiley: