Esks focused defensively?

Things seem to have quieted down in E Town.

Clearly they’ve focused on defense with their new coaching staff.
Reed as HC comes from a defensive background
As does Cambell their new STC and assistant HC
Hired Stubler as DC which is a great hire imo

Crandall is a really fresh face as OC. Untested but fresh. Certainly with Crandall’s inexperience I don’t expect Ray to be moved any longer. He’ll have a bigger say than ever now I expect.

Any news out there?

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I think his philosophy will/may help Ricky Ray (it should help Zabransky) and I expect things to go well. But we'll wait and see what Tillman has in mind as the season approaches. Block buster deal in the works? :expressionless: As for the defence and line backers; Improvement for sure. Kavis Reed, Rich Stubler; I like it :thup: Also should see a different play set for the receivers and also I don't see a problem for the running game.

I like it. The Esks haven't been good defensively, so hopefully this will help. I'm excited to have Stubler as the DC. :thup:

I also like that we won't be bringing Campbell back, or at least that's how the article made it sound. I say good riddance. :thdn:

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Mo Lloyd has been released - interesting to see who his replacement will be to play Middle LB.