esks fans should be embarassed

why do Hervey and Montford feel the need to single out Clermont ( a truely great player ) and try to rub his nose in the Lion's loss. These two have no class. All the chatter before a game is fine, it's fun for everyone, but after a win, a real man would compliment his vanquished opponents efforts... unless ofcourse he see's his opponent as superior and needs to savour his moment in the sun. If Montford feels he was given a cheap shot, he should run a route against his team-mate Brady, the king of the cheap shot... I would have cheered for Maas ( a sneak prediction ) and company but for all the recent poor sportsmanship by the Esks players. I hope the Als slap the Esks loud mouths shut real good!

Not a big deal. I read the article (Vancouver Province) and its no different than any other trash talking. I'm pretty sure Carl Kidd has done his own trash talk throughout the year.

hey orange cry me a river....... lol, we dont want you losers from the purple and yellow province to cheer for us.....clermont should maybe play better, and he should learn to shut his mouth or he will be emberrased .EXACTLY LIKE WE DID

hey sportsmen where is this article????

i love this, a crying bc lions fan. face it my friend the esks and the als are destiny. its going to happen, especially when ur pathetic excuse for a football team takes so many penalities and has nothing to bring to the table for special teams.The Esks have got this one, my guess is by a field goal. bottomline BC when u lose 7 of ur last 8 it would be a joke to think u can contend for the grey cup! The lions r dead and by NHL playoff time the canucks are going to choke too! :slight_smile:

It was in this mornings Province newspaper.

what did it say?????

well....they singled out Clermont because he did some pretty unclassy trash talking earlier this year in the esks/lions 3rd matchup this year. he said some pretty personal stuff about Hervey IIRC, so yes, this is happens all the time, doesnt mean they are unclassy, stop crying

what did we say about clermont?????

casue seriously clermonts a dick


btw, during that trashtalking, Hervey started it, and was just as bad. So don't think your eskie players are above reproach.

he is not! hes a great guy.just cause u didnt draft him doesnt give u the right to trash him :x

2 years ago in an interview, Clermont was sidelined with an injury and during an interview he blatantly stated that the Lion's would be in the Grey Cup. The very next day in his column in the newspaper he justified his comment by saying he was being confident. The Leos were the crossover that year and lost to T.O.

Last year after losing Grey Cup, he was named outstanding Canadian in the game. During the interview, which was aired live over TV and broadcast in the stadium, he was asked: "Isn't this a dream for you to be named outstanding Canadian in the biggest game of your career?" Responds number 82: "No it's a nightmare. We lost and I think I'm gonna be sick."

This guy puts his heart on his sleeve via his big honest mouth. He says what he feels, it's opinion, yes, but it's honest. He may come across as a jerk, but he plays with the most heart. Besides, he makes life interesting here.

And I don't think he wants to be CFL's TO as bad as another 82 that wears red and white.

so in anybody gonna say what we said in the paper????????

something about one of the players taking his locker, i think.. i can't remember. i will try to find it and post the salient excerpt(s)
But even when they mock other teams and players, the Esks do it better than anyone.. they simply have no weakness.. on the field or off the field

here is the story i think people are referring to.. from Canadian Press

Saturday » November 26 » 2005

Esks return to the scene of crime where they stole Lions Grey Cup thunder
Jim Morris
Canadian Press

Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Edmonton Eskimos running back Troy Davis arrives at the team's hotel in Vancouver. (CP PHOTO/Richard Lam)

VANCOUVER (CP) - The bandits returned to the scene of the crime Tuesday night.

Less than 48 hours after stealing the hometown hope from this year's Grey Cup the Edmonton Eskimos returned to party by the Pacific. "Alberta is in the house," shouted wide receiver Ed Hervey as he strolled into a downtown hotel with the rest of the Eskimos. "Edmonton is here!" The light-fingered Eskimos pilfered the B.C. Lions dreams of winning the CFL championship at home when Edmonton won Sunday's CFL West final 28-23 at B.C. Place Stadium.

Hervey seemed to relish the role of villain. He walked off the team bus dressed completely in black, from the toes of his cowboy boots, to his black vest, shirt and tie, to the crown of his cowboy hat.

"We're like thieves in the night," Hervey yelled over the strains of a loud rock band playing in the lobby. "When the opportunity came for teams to knock us off in 2002 (when the Grey Cup was in Edmonton) we defended our home field. The following year Regina had the pressure on them and we enjoyed having their locker-room.

"This year the pressure was on B.C. and again the Edmonton Eskimos find a way to take somebody's locker-room. That's for those guys to think about this off-season. We're just happy to be here."

The Montreal Alouettes had a quieter arrival earlier in the day.

The teams will play for the Grey Cup on Sunday (CBC, 6 p.m. EST) before an expected sellout of 59,195 at B.C. Place.

The Alouettes arrived with their full contingent of coaches and players, including ailing running back Robert Edwards.

Edwards left the Alouettes' upset victory over Toronto in the East final during the second quarter with two cracked ribs. He described himself as "doubtful" to play, but did not rule out suiting up in a flak jacket.

Veteran Eric Lapointe stepped into Edwards' spot to score three touchdowns while gaining 112 yards on 15 carries.

The Eskimos charter plane was late leaving Edmonton. That gave players like defensive end Joe Montford a little more time to think about whose locker they want to take in what normally would be the Lions dressing room.

"I'd like to sit my butt right in Jason Clermont's locker," he said.

Montford, the 11-year veteran who was traded to Edmonton from Hamilton in April, flashed a big grin when told Alouettes fullback Mike Vilimek is already predicting a Montreal win.

"Good for him," said Montford. "Right now we don't want to do a lot of talking. We want to do our talking n the field. We just want to go out and play the football game."

This will be the third time in four years Edmonton and Montreal have faced each other in the Grey Cup.

Montreal won the 2002 championship 25-16 in Edmonton. Edmonton evened the score in 2003, beating the Als 34-22 in Regina.

"We've been the two superior teams the last four or five years," said Hervey. "It's only fitting we settle this issue of which team is the best. You get three cracks at a team to play a championship. This could settle it once and for all."

The Grey Cup was sold out six weeks ago but not having the Lions in the fall classic has caused some local fans to reconsider their investment.

The classified section in one of the city's daily newspapers had plenty of tickets for sale. Some were being sold at face value, ranging from $200 to $250, while others were being offered for $1,000 or more.

Jason Maas, the Edmonton backup quarterback who came off the bench to throw the winning touchdown against B.C., understands why there's some local disappointment, especially after the Lions started the season 11-0.

"I can understand how excited they were and the champagne was probably already being popped," said Maas. "But we expected to be here. It is nice for us to be here.

"We're not feeling sorry for anybody."

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