Esks Fans - Help! Where is the Eskimoose today?

Lived in Edmonton in the 90's and my kids loved the mascot.... you know, the REAL mascot. Eskimoose.

Ran into an Esks fan at the Hamilton game last night who couldn't remember the moose and who thought my son and I were crazy. I go online and there are NO pictures and NO references to the Moose... probably because he was retired just before the net became popular.

Are there any sites devoted to this old friend? Can someone post a picture of the moose? Come on, I cheered a bit for you last night- even though I was glad my 'Cats won.

He retired, moved to Moose Jaw and is now a Rider fan!! :wink: :lol: :lol:


You can't see it, but right now, I'm looking at you like you're crazy.

At least you're perspicacious even though you are also apparently a voyeur. :slight_smile:


I don't recall ever seeing a moose for a Eskimo mascot. I used to see two people dressed up as gorillas... its funny that the announcers never mentioned them, but the camera always used to get a shot of them after an Eskimo touchdown. I saw them as gorillas, but maybe looking back it now, maybe they were supposed to represent bears. One in white as a polar bear, and the other in black(or brown) maybe supposed to be a grizzly.

I found this,

[url=] ... -5298.html[/url]

So you're not the only one who remembers.