Esks extend Reed

Ugh. I think I would've waited a few more games before making this move. :roll:

Also, if they don't want to share the financial details, fine, but why not tell us how long the contract is? Unless I missed that in my hungover state? :oops: :lol:

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I agree.

Why extend a contract with a coach that has a losing record ? I'm sure nobody is banging on Reeds door to coach their team. I would have waited until the end of this year to decide what to do with him. Maybe they won't feel so bad if they fire him and he at least gets paid another year.
The management for this team has again baffled me. :? :? :?

I will continually be baffled until the Eskimo management comes to the stark realization that for the last 10 years we have not had a return game and despite indications that they realize this is the case, the same people who haven't done the job in previous years, are still running back punts.

Agreed. This article says it might just be a one year extension, but even still... This team is 2-10 in its last 12 games, including the playoffs. That's a staggering record. And considering our history in Hamilton, it could easily be 2-11 tonight. And to make it worse, one of our biggest issues from last year (an undisciplined team taking stupid penalties) hasn't been resolved yet. I definitely would've waited.

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Well if the Argos game tonight was any indication i hope they fire him soon i laughed when i seen Reed running out onto the field when he realized that he was about to make another bonehead move . I think if they would have kicked the field goal that would have been the last we would have seen of Reed on the Eskimo sideline.