Esks expected to name Reed HC

Not sure what to make of this. Guess we take a wait and see approach...

Mistake.I see him being just as effective or maybe less than LaPolice or Andrus in each of their respective first years.

Well, I hope no Eskimos fans expect Edmonton to compete for the Grey Cup in 2011. I'm looking at next season as a rebuild year. It's like the Oilers. I like that the young guys are showing passion, but I don't expect them to make the playoffs (though it is good to hear them say they want to).

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News conference expected on Friday. Perhaps Hall ends up in the Bomber camp as DC. :expressionless:

Problem, though, is that in the NHL, tanking gets you a Taylor Hall -- an elite prospect around whom you can build for years to come (well, unless you're the Maple Leafs, LOL). In the CFL, tanking gets you first pick in the Canadian draft, which is useful, but not game-changing. So it's even more important for the GM of a rebuilding CFL team to assemble a good team in a short span of time. Tillman's a good football mind: I expect the 2011 Esks to hit the ground running. Look at how quickly Toronto bounced back from a 3-15 2009 season.

I suppose it could happen. Toronto is a good example. But for me personally, I'm not going to get my hopes up. Tillman, like you said, is a good football mind, and I expect him to rebuild this franchise properly (unlike BC in Toronto who has no long-term vision). If that means having a losing season next year, so be it. The top pick in the CFL draft might not be a game-changer, but I think we can all agree that Canadian content is something this team needs desperately, and we can get that in the draft.

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Interesting I suppose.

Good luck with Reed. He's the one that admitted to knowing there were 13 guys on the field when Sask lost the GC last year. Hope he can count for you guys! :lol:

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EE 2011 begins; Looking forward to it.

Tillman seems to like him, so I'll give him a chance. As your first order of business, please hire a new OC. :smiley:

I do agree with you there ,the only saving grace for Stausser is that he did finish strong so do you give him one more year with an offense that is familiar with him or tear it apart hire someone new and start the learning process all over ?

Restart! I can't remember what article I was reading earlier, but it was going over the offensive stats, and we were either last or second last in the key categories (yards, touchdowns, etc). So I'd like to see the team start from scratch.

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Strasser will be replaced.

WHOO HOO!!! Let the door hit your #%$ on the way out. :wink:

I didn't realize that Tim is a former Eskimo. That's cool. I like that we're bringing in former Eskimos... Tucker as WR coach, Prisen as OL coach, Reed as HC, Nelson's apparently from Edmonton, and he's a former Eskimos coach. Maybe these guys can return the team to the good old days. :smiley:

You didn't realize Prinsen is a former Esk? He was there as a player as recently as 2003. :slight_smile:

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Stubler perhaps soon to be DC. That's O.K. I guess.

I wouldn't complain.

Assuming Stubler to be shortly announced as the new DC, wonder what'll happen to Mark Nelson. Will Reed and Stubler want to keep him on as LB coach, will he want to stay on, or will he look for another DC position someplace else?

I don't expect the Esks to be very good next year-too many holes to fill however firing Strasser has made me pretty darn happy.

I'm a little curious about the hiring of Campbell. Pretty sure he sucked last time he was with us. :lol: The other hirings are OK. Still disappointed to see Tucker go.