Esks don't offer Fantuz contract.. $$$ too high.

a Tweet from Jamie Nye has been put out saying the Esks did not offer Fantuz a contract because he was asking for too much!


I told ya. Fantuz is going to be nowhere if he doesn't drop the asking price.


shouldn't this comment be in the 'official free agency' thread?

nope, too important to be lost in the midst of other unimportant stuff... :lol:

So there is still some sanity left in the cfl. This guy is severely overated. What do people find so great about him aside from his passsport?

Obie's usually pretty good at demanding a certain level of performance in his contracts. In some ways this is good because it's let us sign talent without going over the cap, but in other ways it's not so good because we don't have enough people hitting their bonus targets to have us go over the cap.

Fantuz is part of the great recieving corps that got Sask to the Grey Cup, because Darien Durant tends to overthrow the ball. This season, Fantuz was gone for most of it, as was Bagg and I think Dressler or Getlaf took a bump, and look where that took that team.

As a side note, I though I was in the Ti-Cat forum on this one. Meh

Maybe his price remains high because he doesn't want to play in Edmonton.

The Argo's should sign him :lol:


Yeah, Ray does need a receiver to throw to besides Maurice Mann

And Jason Barnes.

Tillman's been saying from the start that Edmonton wouldn't make a move for Fantuz, and I'm happy.