Esks don't care who starts

Which QB Riders use doesn't matter
The Edmonton Journal
Published: yesterday 2:04 am
EDMONTON - Pick a quarterback, any quarterback? The Edmonton Eskimos admitted Tuesday morning they weren't sure who to expect as the Saskatchewan Roughriders starting pivot on Saturday. And they didn't seem too bothered by the fact.

"There are a lot of similarities between the three of them. It's hard to prepare for any one of them, but we're going to have our game plan in place, regardless of who starts," said head coach Danny Maciocia of the Riders' options of Steven Jyles, Darian Durant and Michael Bishop.

For the record, Saskatchewan came out later in the day and named Jyles -- a former Eskimo -- as the starter.

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Font:****"There is a common denominator there. The faces, some of them may change, but for the most part they have an identity. We know we have to stop the run, they have athletic quarterbacks who can get to the perimeter and hurt you with their legs, so we have to make sure we have to keep them in between their tackles," said Maciocia.

In search of Perry One Eskimos defensive lineman who wasn't available to chase down any QBs on Tuesday was Fred Perry, who begged off sick.

"He's just feeling under the weather. I don't want that stuff to spread through the locker-room, that's all," said Maciocia, who expects the former Rider back at work today.

Another defensive lineman anxiously looking to return to lineup is Dario Romero, who is tied for the team lead in sacks, with six.

"That's the plan," he said about playing. "I can't wait to get back out there. I missed last week and I'm not the one to sit and watch." Maciocia suggested that Romero will be nicked up rest of the year.

"That's not going to change. It's a question of whether he can go out there, absorb some of that punishment and be able to handle the pain." If Romero were to return it's likely that Joe Anoai will come out of the lineup.

Asked whether having so many D-lineman around was a help or a hindrance, Maciocia replied: "I probably relish that situation, instead of saying you only have four, of which we have to play with four.

"I don't know how they feel in the locker-room, having as many as we have around because they have to be constantly looking around, wondering what their status is from week to week. But I like to think that from a coaching perspective, it's an advantage."

kind of a risky thing to say.

especially if they lose, they will look like idiots.

Well, after a 55-9 result, maybe the Double E should worry about who’s on the Rider defense. Gotta love it.