Esks dominate Montreal

1st halve over.

Esks complete domination.

Montreal has 0 offensive points in first halve. When’s the last time that happened?

If it wasn’t for flemmings stupid long field goal attempt Esks would be up 14-0.

Ray is simply the best quarterback in the league. No question.

Go ESKS!!!

Al’s attemted a long field goal? And it’s Edmonton 14 Montreal 7 mate.

Exactly, if the Esks had not attempted the long field goal it would be Esks 14 Montreal 0.

Because the long field goal was missed and returned my Landry it is 14-7 for the Esks.

MONTREAL…22…ESKS…14…what a game!!!



A 93 YARD… punt return for a TD…for the ESKS…4th Q…what a game.

MONTREAL…29…ESKS…28…less than 4 minutes to go!

This has been the best game so far this season.

OTTAWA …vs. MONTREAL…was great as well. :smiley:

Huge game for Esks considering it was on Montreals turf.

MONTREAL…WINS…on the last play with a field goal…I would have punted for the single…

B.C vs. OTTAWA next up…

YEAH BABY!! What a game. Als Win!!

I have a 1 game winning streak… :lol: :lol: :lol:

So what was that abou Edmonton dominating???


Think the Esks did play better than the Als - save for the special teams. The difference is the Als made it count when it mattered. Esks came just a bit shy.

unless i’m mystaken the esk should have won. A player isn’t down until touched in the cfl, and edminton rushed tot age itty-bitty, stupid mistake, they culd have waited.2 seconds more, then it would have gone to overtime

Nope you are wrong, this is the rule:

When a ball carrier is on the ground and, in the judgment of the official, is not attempting to advance the ball the official shall immediately declare the ball dead.

congrats to the Als…good game

…why do EE fans have to shoot themselves in the foot with ridiculous comments liek the title of this post…don’t they know our trauma wards are already overcrowded…please greenandgold, use some common sense… :lol: