ESKS denied permission to talk to Steinauer for HC

Now I'm annoyed by Steinauer, so Chris Williams of him. If just played out his contract for one more year, I would be okay, even happy for him to become a head coach somewhere else. It's not like these opportunities are rare, even in a nine team league. Now I have to hate on him every time we play his new team (though not in a George kind of way since he's an incompetent buffoon, I actually think Orlando will be successful as a head coach).

Didn't he do this to the Tiger-Cats as a player? Moving on to the Argos as a free agent?

...I don't get the 'refusal' move by any team...IF there is a promotion of any kind that would benefit a current let him interview...What a mess they have in Ham. now with Steinauer...Cats might lose him in any event BUT now if he stays I don't think the relationship with his current club is going to be that affable anymore, considering what he just went through :roll: ERROR.

He has not gone anywhere and I doubt he will be, just a hunch

Arash Madani ?@ArashMadani 8m8 minutes ago
Per #CFL sources: Jason Maas meeting Eskimos brass today to "finalize" matters and terms that likely makes him Edmonton's next head coach.

Called it!!!!
Wonder how chilly the TiCat offices will be next week.

Dave Naylor is saying Steinauer never even interviewed with Eskimos.