ESKS denied permission to talk to Steinauer for HC

I won't rest easy until the compensation issue is resolved and Mass officially signs on the dotted line in Edmonton.

If the Maas deal falls thru, OS might be back on the table.

I don't like to count my chickens... :slight_smile:

Rest easy - Steinauer isn't going anywhere.

Latest is that Maas is officially announced as HC so that they can move forward and make plans and the issue of compensation will be settled between the two teams via mediation. Smart move by Orridge to have the team agree to mediation.

I do find the issue of Ottawa wanting compensation a bit of a "slap in the face" to some extent. They're the "new kid on the block" and now they want to change the rule. Maybe the league should already have a policy in place (and it sounds like they will be working on one in the near future) but the point is, Ottawa seems to want everything to their advantage. Doubt that they gave any compensation to Calgary when they nabbed Campbell or to Toronto when they hired Maas, etc., but now they feel they should be compensated . Can't have your cake and eat it too OTTRBs!

Both Camobell and Maas were free agents when they signed with Ottawa. Ottawa gave Edmonton permission to speak with him. There is an issue with this league regarding coaches leaving whole under contract. They should be allowed to advance there careers, but if they are under contact, compensation, no matter how small, should be part of any deal. This commissioner should address this issue. He has proven all year that hiring him was a mistake. Calling Ottawa new kids on the block, is laughable. They are 1 of 9 partners in a business, that has an issue that should be addressed.
I for one have been sick of hearing Burris whining through the Grey Cup. But, it's time the fans of the Ti-Cats did the same, and let it go.

The Maas thing is getting ugly on Twitter :stuck_out_tongue:

Please, fans have long memories. We've still haven't forgotten the way that Mike O'Shea left the a player..

We're not going to let up on Cryin' Hank anytime soon. Besides, he's a great source of comedy gold... :lol:

Long memory for what? Burris never left the Ti-cats, he was released. This is a personal thing between Burris and Austin. He played better then expected for 2 years and then was released. Surprise surprise, a quarterback with a huge ego, please tell me something new. Burris has said nothing wrong towards the Hamilton fans. Unlike O'Shea and Williams, he didn't leave, he was released. Name me another athlete who isn't pissed off at being replaced by a younger guy? The guy was part of a franchise that made it to the Grey Cup 2 years in a row! Yes he stunk in the big game, so what else is new. It's time to move on.

with a huge ego


You really don't get it do you? First off, Burris wasn't released, he just wasn't re-signed. Which nobody cares about...

Oh want a minute Hank cares about it, and cries about it to anybody that will listen...

...and of course he whined about Simoni, which is the type of thing that sticks in the craw of a fan base.

So, as I said, which you completely missed the point about, if Mike O'Shea signing with the Argos after all these years is still remembered, we're not going to forget Cryin' Hank's little tirades anytime soon..

...and, as I said...


Burris was released early, wasn't re signed etc... Either way he helped get the team to the Grey Cup and then wasn't back the next year. And you think if it happened to you, you'd be just fine with that? For someone that nobody cares about, there is a lot of whining about whining Burris. Both of you should move on.

Will see how long it takes until the fans turn in Austin, which was happening during the season. I understand the feelings toward Williams, and Oshea, but as for the rest, sorry I don't get it. They guy won MOP, give him some credit, 3 Cup appearances in the past 4 years, should count for something.

I do agree, it is comedy gold though. Burris should have just kept his mouth shut.

um what cup was that? he was in the 13 and 15

Maybe it was the memory of Hank that inspired the Cats to make it back to the big game in 2014. Or alternatively, Calgary in 2012. (It's funny how teams tend to improve the year after Burris leaves the organization.)

IIRC, Burris was offered a contract extension before the end of his final year in Hamilton but declined to accept, either thinking/hoping the TiCats would bump up the offer or failing that, go to free agency, which he chose to do.

TiCats were not willing to open the bank vault like Ottawa eventually did so it was Burris's decision to leave Hamilton. The team made an early offer... he declined.

And he should have kept his mouth shut re late season whining. Didn't hear him saying his team mates shouldn't be playing in the League after the cheap/illegal shots on 1. Mathews Head shot - concussion), 2. Banks (clothesline tackle), 3. Laurent (chop block - out for game winning TD play in Eastern Final).

Others have already addressed some areas of your comment (re:Burris leaving, Grey Cup record with Hamilton) so I'll mention a point or two.
The first one that really jumped out at me was this : He played better then expected for 2 years . Incorrect

  • Burris played really well for the first year that he was here - under Cortez when the Ticats unfortunately had a lousy (Creehan) defense. Statistically it was his best year until that time.
    Under Austin his second year - not so much. Why else would Austin have regularly inserted Dan LeFevour into games? KA was clearly frustrated by Hank's performance at times. You're right in saying it's a personal thing between Austin and Burris who didn't seem to take well to (or "get") any suggestions/coaching that Austin had about his delivery or command of the offense - at least that's the impression that I got. Good decision-making (one of Austin's requirements for his QBs) was sadly lacking at times (even under Cortez). Whether or not Hank would have been better his second year in Austin's system, we'll never know as Austin was rebuilding the team and decided to go with a younger, talented pivot instead of continuing to try to "teach an old dog new tricks".

Yes the Ticats made it to the Grey Cup two years in a row - but only ONE with Burris (2013) where he did NOT play well (deja vu in 2015 after the first 7 minutes) and the second with ZACH who was much closer to taking the team to a Grey Cup win than Hank had been the previous year.