ESKS denied permission to talk to Steinauer for HC

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The #TiCats have denied the #Eskimos permission to speak with DC Orlondo Steinauer about their head coach job. O has 1 more year on contract

Good although I have a feeling Coach O is happy where he's at with the Tabbies. He seems in no hurry to take on a HC job and is being smart and getting valuable experience here in Hammer Town.

Man there are a lot of clueless tools on twitter :roll:

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I don't believe that tweet to be true Austin is not the type to stand in anyone's way to better there self I believe there's this thing called commitment in life and coach O is that guy

I would like to see Coach Stienauer take over as Head Coach when Austin decides he is finished coaching.

AMEN to that. Please let it be 2016

I agree, but 2017 is fine.

His contract extension last year came with a "no move" clause; Steinauer is doing the reverse of Williams - he's honouring his contract.

Only problem with OS taking over is that Austin, when asked in the post season presser about his future as a coach, said that he loves coaching and loves his job so I don't see him stepping aside anytime soon. He is several years younger than Huff who has just stepped away allowing Dickenson to take over. Dickenson has been happy to bide his time, since he wanted to stay in Calgary for personal (family) reasons. I'm not sure that we can assume the same for Steinauer who may want to move into a position as HC before Austin is ready to relinquish that role.

At Austin's age even if he gets a bump upstairs there is a very good chance at some point in the future that he coaches again.
He probably does enjoy the coaching aspect but might want to give full time GM a chance. It really is a full time job much like a HC. So of course he will say he loves coaching if he is signed up for another season.
I also think it would be bad optics announcing he is removing himself from the coaching position in one years time. If this is a decision that has already been made it is best kept to those that need to know only.

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Per #CFL sources: Jason Maas meeting Eskimos brass today to "finalize" matters and terms that likely makes him Edmonton's next head coach.


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It's also believed there was a condition that wouldn't allow Steinauer to bring #TiCats staff w/ him if he was HC. #CFL

Some reports have Maas resigning from Ottawa and “officially” signing with Edmonton.

Redblacks gave Edmonton permission to talk to Maas but apparently now are looking for compensation which may hold up the official announcement.

Let’s hope Maas’s signing is true, meaning OS remains with the TiCats. Enough disruptions re free agency without losing a key coach.

I agree with you. Many of our free agents are on the defensive side of the ball and if the Ticats had to hire a new DC who would probably be an unknown to most of them, it might have an adverse affect on their willingness to re-sign. Having continuity in the coaching staff is likely to be more attractive to them and encourage them to remain in black and gold (assuming they don't get better NFL offers ).

Interesting that Ottawa is seeking compensation from Edmonton IF they are snitching their OC after only a year. Don't recall hearing about this before (and there certainly is enough movement among coaches at times) but it could be that it has been occurring and I just have not heard about it.

Mass to EDM is reported here to be fact but an expected Dec. 14th official announcement may be delayed:

[url=] ... g-1.408645[/url]

If this is correct,

  1. Esks were granted permission to talk to Maas.
  2. Later on Hunt verbally states they wanted compensation to Esks Pres. Len Rhodes if they hire Maas
  3. Verbal statements mean nothing

TiCats agreement with Orlondo is in his legal contract
If he was granted permission and hired he was not allowed to take any TiCats staff with him

Jason Maas favourite for Esks HC job from the start. Esks wouldn't accept terms that Hamilton DC Orlando Steinauer only int'vu for HC role.

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It's also believed there was a condition that wouldn't allow Steinauer to bring #TiCats staff with him if he was HC

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They are different situations, and the #Ticats planned ahead. Doesn't look like the #RedBlacks did.

Maas resigned from the Redblacks Sun. night, HE QUIT!!
(BBBBut Henry said there was RESPECT!!!!) :lol:
The Redblacks are not yet letting him out of his contract until they get the compensation they feel they deserve.
They can keep Maas and make him the waterboy if they want now and promote another OC
(BBBBut Henry says the TiCats Organization treats people horribly and the Redblacks are the model franchise of the League!) :lol:

This is clearly a case of Kent Austin and the whole TiCats Organization screwing Henry Burris out of his OC! :wink:

How nice for the Redblacks since they were a team set up by all eight of the other CFL Teams with first string players so that they could be competetive out of the gate in 2014.

Now the Redblacks want compensation for Maas if he's hired as head coach of Edmonton? How about compensation to Hamilton for all the players taken from the dispersal draft, seems pretty cocky by the Redblacks to be seeking compensation at this point if Maas gets the head coach role in Edmonton?

Coach Austin said if Coach "O" was up for the head coaches role in Edmonton and a front contender that he would very unlikely stand in his way but considering he is under contract to Hamilton and may only be considered for the defensive coordinators position in Edmonton that the Ti-Cats would deny permission to speak with coach "O" and I'm sure he would much rather be here in Hamilton anyway.

The opportunity still exists to turn this team into a Grey Cup winner and especially behind a young QB like Zach Collaros and in turn in time most of our coaches could be head coaches on other teams in this league!

GO CATS GO IN 2016!!!!

As far as I'm aware, the "no-move" extension given to Steinauer, a year or two ago, is unmatched in the CFL and quite a creative move by the Cats' brass. The coach gets more dollars and more security for giving up chances at unknown advancement opportunities which might arise during the term of the contract. And, the second part, where the club protects their claim to other staff, should they choose to allow a no-move contracted coach to interview, elsewhere, for career advancement, is also creative and smart. It's likely now going to be the standard for coaching contracts.

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Words cannot express the enjoyment I am having watching the redblacks and ESKIMOS fight over this! :lol: