Esks cuts 7, including Rector

Wow... I'm a bit surprised they let Rector go. Challenger isn't that big of a surprise. I don't think we ever really used him. :lol:

I was a bit surprised at cutting Amos loose. . . who’ll be your starting 5 in the secondary, Chief?

Well, someone with more knowledge might be able to give a more accurate answer (I was kind of lazy watching pre-season lol), but if I had to hazard a guess at DB, I'd probably say Hill and Thompson. Maybe Gordon. Looked like he had a decent pre-season.

Anyone know what's going on with Saleem Borhot? It doesn't look like he registered a single stat. Is he injured? I seem to recall DM being jazzed up about signing him. Kind of strange...

Hill's a linebacker, not a DB. . .

I can see Drew and Walls at HB, with Goss and Gordon on the corners. . . much as I've always said Goss is better at the HB spot. . . .but on the other hand, he's a better corner than I think either Drew or Walls would be. . .

Jesus. Such an idiot. I totally forgot about Goss. :oops: The website lists Hill as a DB. :thdn:

What about Chris Thompson, you don't like him?

Geez that’s right, I forgot about Chris Thompson. . . always liked him; we met him at a Cat’s BBQ a couple of years back. . . really great guy too, quite friendly and personable. Now between him, Drew, Walls, and Goss at HB that’s a tough choice. . . so I guess it makes sense to leave Goss out on the corner. . . I’m sure Richie Hall will figure something out. . . sure is better than last season for you guys though. . . having a glut of good secondary players, as opposed to having to watch that guy Lenny Williams (?) try to play HB. . . I remember him getting lit up, repeatedly, by Quinton Porter of all people. . .

And yes, why your team’s website lists Hill as a DB is beyond me. . .

Looks like Braidwood was released too... but then placed on the PR. Hmm. He's not injured again, is he? :?

wonder if Braidwood is done or if he just needs time.

and I was surprised about Rector. guess they had to make room for their returning superstar.

Well, if the choice came down to either Rector or Campbell, it's a no-brainer.

Definitely... And when you consider the depth we have... Campbell, Stamps, Peterson, Talbot. Plus Smith is a Canadian, and Barnes didn't look too bad.

Someone had to go. Shame to see Rector get cut. He wasn't bad. Hopefully he'll get picked up somewhere else.

Ive been outta the loop for a while... computer just got fixed, but i noticed Richardson is out for prob around 6 to 9 weeks with a broken wrist eh? Also it said were probably starting Jason Nugent at Safety till then, may i ask whatever the heck happened to Scott Gordon?


^^ That's what I thought.

So that means we're done to one safety... o_0 lol

In the CFL is the safety position staffed normally also by a Non-Import player?
If so are some decent ones still available?
Otherwise is it somewhat risky for a team to go on with only one on the roster?

Retired... thats just great haha, maybe he should come out of retirement for 9 weeks then... I thought Gordon was a good Safety for us, didnt think he'd retire already

I wonder if he will come out briefly... We can't just have Nugent back there. :lol:

We do have Sharun back there as well, but hes a rookie and it wouldn't be a good idea to have him make the jump to pros this quickly. I'd like to see us play an import at safety, so we have an all import secondary and take advantage of all the good canadian receivers we have by sitting an import receiver.

No shortage of import prospects for safety for sure if the Esks are going that way, but that’s why I asked my questions below.

On defence, I'd say the most common place CFL teams use a starting non-import is at safety. The Esks have used one there for the better part of the last 5 years at least.

Also forgot that we have Salheem Borhot as a NI safety on the roster, but once again hes a raw rookie. We could be in for some trouble, and I sure hope if the Nugent thing doesn't work versus BC we change up quickly and use an import at safety. If Printers takes advantage of Nugent, Calvillo will do even more damage considering we play them in week 2.

Trouble in E town already and the season hasnt even started haha... lets hope our "good" corners and halfs can compensate for whoever we put at Safety