Esks cut OL Armstrong, WR Kirkland and Sign NFL Receiver


EDMONTON -- The Edmonton Eskimos, coming off a humiliating 52-5 Labour Day loss to the Calgary Stampeders, continue to shake up their roster.

The CFL team announced it has signed former NFL wide receiver Marko Mitchell and cut starting offensive tackle Calvin Armstrong.

Mitchell played 10 games for the Washington Redskins in his rookie year last season, catching four passes for 32 yards.

The 25-year-old, eventually waived by Washington, was released last week by the Minnesota Vikings.

Armstrong, 28, had started almost every game for the Eskimos since signing with the club as a free agent prior to the 2008 season.

The team has also released receivers Tremayne Kirkland and Kevin Wuthrich.

Surprised only that they cut Armstrong rather than move him back to his old spot. Guess they're hoping Bates will work out and/or they've got an NFL cut in the pipeline.

Kirkland didn't have his head in one of the most important games of the season. He's replaceable.
Kevin "Cash" Wutherich was never a serious contender (and mainly was with the team because he buddied up to Maciocia)

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Brad Lester will start in place of Whitlock at running back this friday.

Another receiver to PR.

Looks like Wojt will be joining Bates on the O-Line.

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You tell there isn't a lot of passion on this team, the injuries are starting to pile up. Borhot and Green are both on the 9-game.

Chief; Going over the last 2 games with the Stampeders I noticed and read articles on our o-line. It was clearly shown to me that Calgary was doing alot of movement on defense prior to the snap of the ball so thus; the Esks o-line were totally confused on which guy to block, like where is my guy. Ricky Ray/Maas/Zabransky I’m sure were calling the signals at the line, again to no avail. I give huge credits to the Calgary defensive co-ordinator for sure. Edmonton has to come up with a different/special play book to play with these guys. I dunno, I don’t think it’s going to matter, although Calgary’s win tomorrow hopefully will be by a much closer margin? :expressionless:

Just caught some highlights from the Calgary game. Campbell dropped another pass in the end zone? Seriously, I've officially lost all patience for this clown. Officially. He didn't want to be here last year, took forever getting here this year, and now he's dropping pass after pass. He should've been cut this week along with the others. I don't care if Stamps and Peterson are still injured.

Looks like Armstrong will be starting for the Argos tomorrow...

I wish Armstrong well as a member of the Argo's.

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Esk's have their sights on Baggs.

Wow. I thought he'd still be the property of Sask. Cool.

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Dan Porter to PR.