Esks Cut Down to 75-Man Roster With A Few Mild Surprises

Four mild surprises for me, released yesterday to get to the max 75-man-roster ... Travon Van, Devonte Fields, Marion Grice and Rodney Butler.

To watch Perkins and Marshall push Van and Grice out is a bit of a shocker.

Seeing Butler was actually on the 56-man roster of the Seahawks I would have expected him to at least get a look at main camp. For youngsters Jonathan Walton and Jeremiah Kose. At least Kose has one games in the CFL.

To see Devonte Fields get cut before main camp is disappointing, but it must mean one of two things either raw rookie Mark Mackie is ready enough to backup Boateng and he will get a chance to prove it ... or ... newcomer Zachary Barnes and practice roster returnee Nick Usher flat out impressed push the Big 12 All-Star X 2 Fields off the 75 man roster.

A bigger surprise would be going to camp with 5 fullbacks albeit one is injured. The Esks also have 11 offensive linemen, 10 defensive linemen, 5QB's, 5 RB's, 5 MLB's and 5 PR/KR's still on the roster going into camp. I like competition, but there is overdoing it and for each of the above position one player less wouldn't hurt competition. It would rather give the bubble players some confidence in the fact they have a legit shot at a spot on the 46-man roster.

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