Esks. come calling.......???

.....that was a great show for it's time :rockin: .......hard to find now, even in the rerun dept.

According to Perry Lefko on the rumor circuit, Mike Gibson will not be returning as OC instead Adam Rita is a likely replacement according to Perry as he will not be returning to Toronto next year.As for DC, he also says Marshall is also unlikely to be brought back and that in all likely hood, Richie Hall will be his replacement.Sounds perfect to me, hope there's an ounce of truth to this :lol:

.....this is coming from Lefko :lol: :lol: mean the guy who says that Reed is being looked at by sask. ...then says Kavis is the front-runner in edm. for the head coaching job... :lol: :lol: you must consider the source 15 champs.....consider the source :lol:

....i believe he is also quoting as saying that Cahoon will call it a day.....If Calvillo is returning next year (which he has already declared) then don't count on Ben hanging them up...Lefko is out in lefko- field :lol:

I know I know, but it's nice to dream, ya know? :wink: :thup: