Esks. come calling.......???

.....Edm. has officially asked the Bomber management if they can interview Kavis Reed for the vacant head-coaching position today.....Time to get Hall on speed dial :wink:

Given how much hatred spilled out to Reed in the first 2/3 of the season from most Bomber fans on this site I imagine you can’t wait for him to go.
If he does go I’ll give you 10-1 Hall doesn’t end up in Winnipeg. After being beaten up in Edmonton why would he want the same treatment that seems to befall coaches in the Peg. Karma’s a batch.

I can't believe Tillman is interested in him as a HC. This must just be about loyalty and having a guy under you that you can trust isn't going to stick a knife in your back, hello Joe Paopao.

I am one of those people who have supported Kavis Reed since he was hired. I think he did an excellent job with the defence especially considering the number of injuries we had early and the number of rookies we had starting. I wish him luck but I really hope we don't lose him.

.......10-1 lol lol...I'll take those odds....Hatred :lol: definitely some criticizm but he got his act together....which shows he's a bright guy...Most people in the know are pencilling in Reed as head honcho in edm..I think they're on to something....I have mixed feelings about Kavis leaving...but like any player taking his shot down south...i wish him well..IF he doesn;t get the call from Tilman to be the main man behind the bench ...all well and good....However if and when he does you can expect Hall to get a call ,by a guy he's worked with before, Paul Lapolice :wink:..I wouldn't say Hall is a lock just yet...but there's no other team at present with a role for him to fill...We'll see how this all plays out ...Announcements after the Cup

Yes Blue Blood you certainly did. . . and it is to your credit I must say. . . the Bombers' D was very good this year all things considered. . . i was one of the ones on the other side of the fence on this one, as I was singularly unimpressed with Reed's work in his previous stops in the CFL. But he has to get credit for his work this season.

If it nets him the head job in Edmonton, then you certainly could do worse than to hire Richie Hall as D/C.

.....Richie would be a definite plus....Hall was a good, bordering on great dc in Regina...IF it all turns out that he joins us in 2011, i would say we have the makings of a beautiful friendship...the potential is there for some great things... What an experienced guy like Hall could do ,with a talented group of defensive players such as we have :thup: .... That situation looks good to me and probably Ritchie as well........................Very speculative at this time ,as a lot has to transpire, before this becomes a reality :wink:

ok . paloooza…
really??’re on this, name the bet.

will Hall end up as Winny DC if Reed leaves? I say no you say yes. You’re on.

I'll bet that Kavis DOES NOT get the job in Edmonton ..... I wish him luck but I just don't see it as there are numerous coaches with more experience ready to make the jump.

I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with the rest of your post, however, just figured I'd say it isn't just Winnipeg that wants to get rid of coaches when the team is going through a bad year. Heck, Rider fans aren't too happy with their coaching and they're in the west final..

Montreal, Calgary and Toronto are probably the only teams that haven't had cries from their fans to fire someone on their coaching staffs this season.

And your point is?
You want to mimic the Riders fanatic behaviors?
You want manure on lawns?
You support poor behavior because others do?'re the one proposing the bet and offering the odds name the bet :stuck_out_tongue: ..... has just popped-up that 'pops' in Regina might take a hike....There's rumours Hall may want to go back there as head-coach....with Taman in charge IF Miller leaves I say he goes with his old buddy Berry....maybe you'd like to take a bet on that as well flop... :wink:

.....and who the hell are you...the CFL saint....

...there were good reasons why the can was tied to a few former coaches;.....namely if you don't win ...adios...tough business eh flog.... for other teams handling of their staff/'s got dick all to do with us....We take care of our business and keep our noses out of others....That;s good advice to ALL clubs.. :wink:

ok paloops…
Your $100 to my $1000 that Hall does not end up in Winny as the defensive coordinator in 2o11…
you in?

oh…offer expires tonite at midnight :wink:

What time zone? :wink:

.......entertaining a money bet is not permitted on this know that :stuck_out_tongue: HOWEVER....i will go with a bet that will go something like this...IF Richie is hired...your next 10 posts on this site will be prefaced with... in BOLDED letters....papazoola was right and i was wrong about the hiring of Richie Hall in Winnipeg....IF he isn't hired i will do the same.....seems fair....what da ya say.. :wink:

....for might be the twilight zone :roll:

sure thing pops…
although as I’m offering 10:1- if you lose- just post once with the preface…i’ll do 10 if I lose
loved rod sterling