Esks claim FB Fournier from Cats

Someone to maybe one day replace Bertrand? Funny that this kid is also from Laval. :lol:

Brilliant ST player, used very little or not at all on offense while here.Seems Darcy Brown and Steve Schmidt are good enough for us at FB.Personally, I liked Fournier more than Brown but i'm also not a coach.Good for the Esk's, bad for the Ticats.

This kid can lay a licking on a ST tackle. The Eskimo press release notes that he spent his time in Hamilton on the PR but does not list that he played about 3 games this year.

Sad to see him go but at least he still has a job as a player.

This is a decent move. We'll see if the kid can stick it out and then come back to challenge at TC next year.

Bertrand has given it his all for the Esks. I'd hate to see him retire, but at the same time, it is inevitable. Ciezki is waiting in the wings, but we'll have to wait and see how he rebounds from injury.

The only concern seems to be how the Esks are amassing players regardless of various rules about that ... something ET has been criticized for many times. Come to think of it, the Esks of old used to find ways to 'hide' players so maybe this isn't quite as bad as I'd like to think! :lol:

Yeah, I was pretty surprised to find out Bertrand is 33. I imagine he'll be hanging up his jersey in a couple years.

MB is one of the few guys who embodies what the Esks of old were. He's the kind of guy that players like Blake Marshall, Rod Connop, Larry Wruck, etc would like.

Blake Marshall was a fricken beast. Even as a Ticat fan I loved that guy.

:thup: then you know Football. Just like I can admire players from other teams like Covington, Mosca, Sapunjis, Elgard, etc... Marshall was a wonderful beast to behold.